Diagnostic Chemicals Ltd (DCL) has added a direct enzymatic, ready-to-use, liquid stable HDL-ADVANCE assay to its line of clinical chemistry products. This HDL method for physician’s office, hospital, and reference laboratory eliminates the need for any reagent reconstitution and sample pretreatment, thereby saving time and labor, and reducing potential errors.
     DCL’s HDL-ADVANCE assay features a 12-month shelf-life stability claim and a reportable linear range up to 180 mg/dL. The assay also offers negligible interference from lipemic samples, and displays superior performance characteristics with regard to accuracy, precision, sensitivity, and specificity.
     The assay is available in three separate, operator-oriented packaging configurations, with calibrator material included within the kit. DCL also offers a separate calibration kit to complement the assay.
     DCL’s HDL-ADVANCE assay is suited for use with fully automated testing procedures, and many instrument applications are currently available.

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