LabChip XT

For fractionation of nucleic acid fragments
Caliper Life Sciences, Hopkinton, Mass, introduces the LabChip XT, an automated nucleic acid fractionation instrument. The solution removes a key bottleneck in the current workflow for next-generation sequencing by replacing gel-isolation and purification steps used for size selection of sheared genomic DNA. The instrument and its integrated software utilize a multichannel microfluidic chip to quickly process samples independently and without the potential for cross contamination. The instrument was developed in collaboration with leading sequencing centers and providers of next-generation sequencing instrumentation and chemistries, and represents the company’s first sequencing product.

Caliper Life Sciences
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LSM 700

Flexible laser scanning microscope
The LSM 700 Laser Scanning Microscope from Carl Zeiss, Thornwood, NY, is a highly flexible image analysis microscope that can be combined with a large number of stands and tailored to the personal requirements its user, making it ideal as an entry-level system for confocal microscopy. The LSM 700 can be utilized both at individual workstations and in user groups, and its smaller footprint also makes it suitable for small work spaces. The scope’s optical system includes a precise beam path design with concentration on the essentials, a beam combiner system for extremely accurate beam coupling and superimposition, a beam splitter with continuous and loss-free splitting of the light spectrum, and an extremely stable pinhole.

Carl Zeiss
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