productThis reagent uses a two-reagent, liquid stable technology system for its autoHDL Cholesterol kit.
     The autoHDL cholesterol assay is a homogeneous method for directly measuring serum HDL-C levels without the need for any off-line pretreatment.
     The first reagent in the two-reagent format contains alpha-cyclodextrin and dextran sulfate to stabilize LDL, VLDL and chylomicrons. The second reagent contains PEG-modified enzymes which selectively react with the cholesterol present in the HDL particles, resulting in only HDL cholesterol being measured.
     The assay is linear to 150mg/dl. Comparison studies between the designated comparison method (DMC) and the autoHDL method give a linear regression equation of y=0.93x + 3.85 mg/dl, r= 0.989.
     The reagent is supplied in 40ml, 80ml and 320ml kit configurations.
Pointe Scientific Inc.
Keyword: reagent, HDL