Health Network Laboratories is a recognized leader in clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology testing.

Health Network Laboratories

Health Network Laboratories

Health Network Laboratories (HNL), Allentown, Pa, is a multiregional medical laboratory with technologically advanced facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The company offers a full complement of clinical pathology, anatomic pathology, and forensic pathology services, including highly specialized esoteric testing to hospitals, physicians, long-term and assisted living facilities, businesses, and government agencies.

Highly rated by physicians in all areas of laboratory performance and highly rated by patients in all aspects of customer service, HNL aims to be a leader in diagnostic lab medicine by providing the highest-quality and most responsive and cost-effective service to its customers.


Leading HNL’s success is Peter Fisher, MD, MBA, the new president and CEO, who replaces recently retired CEO David G. Beckwith, PhD. Fisher had previously been chairman of pathology and laboratory medicine at HNL. Prior to joining HNL, he served on the faculty at Columbia University Medical Center, New York, and as chairman of pathology, Palisades Medical Center, North Bergen, NJ.


As part of HNL’s commitment to excellence and its goal to become a leader in lab medicine by providing superior patient access, HNL has continued to expand its patient access points by opening four new patient service centers in the past 6 months; three in Pennsylvania, and most recently, one in Phillipsburg, NJ. Now with more than 45 conveniently located centers, patient access to expert phlebotomy service has never been more convenient. All centers provide interpretation services for patients with more than 150 languages available.


HNL, a full-service medical laboratory accredited and federally licensed under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act, is approved by Medicare and Medicaid and accredited by the College of American Pathologists. Through its core and rapid response labs, HNL serves the public and health care communities with more than 60 million reportable clinical and pathology test results each year, performing 99% of all test orders in-house.

HNL’s Center for Anatomic Pathology provides a full range of subspecialty consulting and diagnostic services using state-of-the-art technology, thereby providing the best service available to its clients and their patients, including gynecological and nongynecological cytology, surgical pathology, molecular pathology, flow cytometry, toxicology, and forensic pathology.


A staff of more than 25 board-certified and subspecialty fellowship-trained pathologists and PhD-level scientists work closely with HNL’s laboratory technical staff to provide the best expert consultation on the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

The Center’s experts also provide diagnostic services in immunohistochemistry, in-situ hybridization, immunofluorescence, electron microscopy, and flow cytometry. HNL pathologists also provide consultative services to other physicians regarding diagnostic tests, results, and treatment, and an unprecedented 24/7 access to its pathologists through its customer service hotline.


Health Network Labs

Health Network Laboratories
Allentown, Pa

As part of its goal to be a leader in state-of-the-art lab medicine, HNL is a designated Roche Molecular Center of Excellence (MCOE). HNL is also licensed by Hunter Laboratories of Campbell, Calif, to perform the proprietary Hunter Heart Panel for cardiac risk assessment.


HNL offers the highest-quality leading-edge lab testing, including highly specialized esoteric testing to hospitals, physicians, long-term and assisted living facilities, businesses, and government agencies.

Its breadth of sophistication and strategic effort enables HNL to be the regional leader in lab medicine and to be consistently highly rated in customer satisfaction by its clients and patients.

Steven Bernstein is a contributing writer for CLP.