Serological Pipets

Eliminates leakage and breakage

The redesigned 50-mL serological pipets from Excel Scientific, Victorville, Calif, are constructed from high-clarity virgin polystyrene. They are certified RNase-, DNase-, pyrogen-free, and noncytotoxic. The smooth, nonwelded tip helps to eliminate sample hang-up, leakage, and breakage. A 3-mm ID opening minimizes shear. Peeling or pushing through the paper can easily open the sterile, individual one-side-paper, one-side-plastic packaging. A colored woven polypropylene plug provides easy size identification. There are forward and reverse 0.5-mL graduations with printed volumes at 1-mL intervals and negative graduations to 5.5 mL. Accuracy is ±1.5%, and sterility is better than 10 to 6.

Excel Scientific
(760) 246-4545, ext 225