Munising LP Clean Room Paper

Polymer-saturated paper

Munising LP® clean room paper, from Neenah Paper Inc, Alpharetta, Ga, is polymer saturated to reduce free particles and particle-releasing tears. It can be laser printed without smudging, written on with ordinary clean-room pens, photocopied, sterilized, or shredded. The paper, specifically designed for clean-room environments, features high opacity, good heat stability, and chemical and moisture resistance. It requires no special procedures for printing other than those needed to keep the paper free from contamination and can be easily shredded using conventional shredding equipment. Munising LP is available in 30# white- and blue-sized 8.5- by 11-inch and 11- by 17-inch; 22.5# white and blue sized 8.5- by 11-inch and 11- by 17-inch; and 22.5#, which comes in yellow, pink, and green.

Neenah Paper
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Pipetting Supplies

Available in several fixed-volume sizes

SKS Science Products, Watervliet, NY, offers new additions to its pipetting supplies, including the Socorex manual pipettors and accessories and the Acura single and multichannel micro and macropipettes. Dilution micropipettes and Profiler manual pipette controllers are also available. These pipetting devices are available in several fixed-volume sizes, and many are easily autoclavable. Corresponding pipette tips are also sold separately, and automatic pipettors are also available.

SKS Science Products
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Polypropylene Microplates

High-transparency plates

Eppendorf North America, Westbury, NY, offers its new Polypropylene microplates 96 and 384, which feature a high level of transparency, OptiTrack® high-contrast alphanumeric labeling matrix, and RecoverMax® well geometry for maximum sample recovery. Plates are available also in high-contrast white or black for improved S/N ratio for fluorescence and luminescence readings and are also available in LoBind DNA and LoBind Protein. The ultraclear wells, combined with the OptiTrack labeling, can make sample and well identification a faster and more convenient process for users.

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Environmental Monitoring Guide

Helps improve regulatory compliance

Dickson Co, Addison, Ill, offers clinical and medical research lab managers a comprehensive technical guide on environmental monitoring. Hospital Environmental Monitoring — What You Need to Know About Critical Storage Regulations, Liabilities, Audits, Instrument Selection and Cost Controls includes reviews and summaries of the regulatory landscape, liability concerns and regulatory compliance audits, and monitoring instrument options. It also includes step-by-step guides to matching instruments to application requirements, calibration requirements, environmental monitoring to defray rising energy costs, and purchasing tips.

Dickson Co
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E-Series UV Lamps

Small, lightweight footprint

The Spectroline® E-Series UV lamps, from Spectronics Corp, Westbury, NY, are lightweight, portable lamps convenient for obtaining inexpensive gradient sampling. The lamps make the faint DNA bands more visible and are highly useful when isolating the DNA bands on a CsCl solution, and help ensure a higher sensitivity of detection during use ethidium bromide staining to monitor the progress of gradient separation of the DNA bands from agarose gel slices, without damaging the ethidium bromide-stained DNA. Choose from 30 different models and select the best combination of UV wavelength, intensity, lamp size, and wattage for specific applications. All short- and medium-wave models have exclusive LONGLIFE™ filter glass for higher initial UV transmission and maximum resistance to solarization.

Spectronics Corp
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