Designed for precision laboratory applications in the optics field, the 5100T series of vibration-damping VIBRAPLANE® optical tables features both tuned and broadband damping. The 5100 series table has a flat, stiff, highly damped surface with high natural frequency. Standard tabletops have a ferromagnetic stainless-steel top skin, a carbon-steel bottom skin, and the proprietary epoxy-bonded steel honeycomb SPILLPRUF™ core design that seals entire rows of mounting holes to protect the core from spills and to simplify cleanup.
   In addition to the table’s customizable shapes, cutouts, and notches, there are numerous options for its core and skin materials, including aluminum, nonmagnetic stainless steel, and Invar. Accessories include laser ports, shelves, tabletop enclosures, retractable casters, and modular splices for joining tables in L, U, and T configurations.

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