photo This electrophoresis system is for the resolution of Lipoprotein Sub-classes (LDL, HDL) based on particle size, using non-denatured pore gradient gel electrophoresis (CGE). Capable of accommodating up to four separate gels, the PGGE Pore Gradient Lipoprotein System is also suitable for Standard PAGE and Short DNA Sequencing runs.
   The PGGE system can run between one and four pre-cast or manual cast gels with dimensions of 82 x 82 x 5mm (Alamo Gels, Inc.). Recommended buffer volume is 3.5 liters. It features temperature control, buffer recycling, an internal cooling chamber and interlocking safety cover.
   The system measures 39 x 12 x 28cm, weighs approximately 12 pounds, and is powered by an external DC power supply. The clear buffer chamber and safety cover are constructed of acrylic and Kydex for durability and ease-of-maintenance. C.B.S. Scientific Co.