Polyscience Inc offers a broad selection of high-performance chillers for laboratory applications. The portable chillers, designed to provide up to 187,920 BTU/hour heat removal, are available with 11¼2-, 2-, 3-, 5-, 71¼2-, 10-, 13-, or 15-HP scroll compressors, air- or water-cooled condensers, and a choice of pump types and powers.
     For optimum process and equipment protection, DURACHILL chillers come equipped with user-adjustable temperature, pressure, and flow-rate alarms, as well as automatic condenser-pressure cutouts. Other standard features include digital microprocessor temperature control; serial communication and remote-control capability; and large, easy-to-read LED temperature and pressure/flow rate displays.
     A wide variety of options and accessories are available for application and installation flexibility. Typical options include remote temperature tracking, conductivity control, DI compatible process piping, audio and visual alarms, higher output pumps, and high- and low-ambient temperature packages. For added convenience, they may also be equipped with other accessories, including process-shutoff valves, tank-level indicators, and automatic water-makeup valves.

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