In April, Randox Laboratories Ltd signed a multi-year agreement with the Premier Healthcare Alliance for the supply of Acusera Quality Control (QC) materials. The agreement will provide the 90,000-plus premier members with access to the company’s extensive range of quality control products and the benefits they offer clinical laboratories.

The Acusera range of quality controls covers over 300 routine and esoteric parameters. The company’s multi-analyte QC allows laboratories to simplify their quality control practices by dramatically reducing the number of controls used. All analytes are present at clinically relevant levels, eliminating the need to purchase additional and often expensive low-/high-level controls.

Randox adds no preservatives or stabilisers to the company’s control products, which can often lead to interference problems, inconvenience, and expense for the laboratory. In addition to this, many of the company’s controls are made from 100% human serum providing a matrix similar to the patient sample and eliminating possible interference with antibody-based tests.

Many of Randox’s controls have a shelf life of up to four years from the date of manufacture. This not only allows for long-term QC monitoring but also can significantly reduce costs and the problems associated with changing lot numbers.

The control options include both liquid ready-to-use and lyophilised controls, and cover everything from routine chemistries, immunoassays, immunology/proteins, tumor markers, toxicology, cardiology, lipids, urinalysis, coagulation, therapeutic drugs, blood gas and maternal screening to more specialized controls like antioxidants, cytokines, and growth factors.

Source: Randox Laboratories Ltd