by Tony Ramos

 Carol Andrews, Editor

While waiting to board a single-engine Cessna for a weekend trip to Northern California in the late ‘70s, I was able to glean some valuable information regarding effective hiring strategies from the airport sales manager. Strolling around the multimillion-dollar jets on the tarmac, I engaged the sales manager in a conversation about the kinds of companies that typically purchase a corporate jet. I was toying with the idea of entering a career in sales, so I asked the sales manager if he looked for an experienced pilot when hiring a salesperson. With a slight air of arrogance, the sales manager curtly replied, “Son, if I want someone to fly a plane, I’ll hire a pilot. If I want someone to sell a plane, I’ll hire a salesperson.” He then turned and walked away. That encounter has stuck with me all these years, and I adhere to his advice to this day. In fact, it helped us make the decision when we hired Carol Andrews, the new editor of Clinical Lab Products.

Although Carol is new to the field of medical/health care publishing, she is an experienced and talented editor nonetheless. Carol has spent 17 years working in magazine editorial positions. Most recently, she was editor-in-chief of Reed Business Information’s Tradeshow Week, the number one publication for the trade show industry. Carol worked her way up from assistant editor, and during her tenure at Tradeshow Week, she was involved in all aspects of the editorial process. With a master’s degree in mass communications, Carol is just the sort of person we were looking for to take the editorial helm of CLP. By tapping into a very distinguished and knowledgeable editorial advisory board, networking with key industry contacts, and using her editorial and investigative reporting techniques she has honed over the years, Carol will soon be well-versed in the clinical diagnostic laboratory market. Fortunately for Carol, she takes over a publication that is well respected for its innovative, diverse, and credible editorial content, with an emphasis on the product and technology side.

And just as the sales manager for corporate jets knows that his first priority in hiring someone to sell corporate jets is to locate an individual who is a top-notch salesperson, we know that Carol, with her solid editorial and publications background, will soon develop into an astute editor in this market. Welcome aboard, Carol, and enjoy the flight.

Tony Ramos
Publisher, CLP