Streck Inc, Omaha, Neb, an independent developer and manufacturer of hematology controls for clinical labs, has added the A1c-Cellular instrument to its HbA1c control assay. It has intact red blood cells and is now assayed on the Bio-Rad D-10™.

The instrument is for immunoassay and ionic exchange HPLC methodologies and is also assayed for Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Vitros®  5,1 FS; Arkray Menarini Adams™ A1c HA-8160; Beckman Coulter® Synchron®; Bio-Rad® Variant/II™; Dade Behring® Dimension™; Roche Diagnostics Cobas Integra®; and Tosoh G7/A1c 2.2 Plus.

It tests the entire HbA1c procedure, including the lysing of the red blood cells. Patient samples must be lysed to release HbA1c for measurement, and because the product contains intact red blood cells it must go through the lysing step, which helps ensure the system, instrument, and reagents, are working properly.

The product is available in 1.5 mL glass vials and 2.0 mL cap-pierceable plastic vials for HbA1c analyzers with autosampling capabilities. It offers an open-vial stability of 30 days and a closed-vial stability of 6 months.

Stats®, a free interlaboratory quality control program offered to qualifying customers, produces relevant peer group comparison reports and graphs with a quick turnaround time.