Abbott Laboratories has added two assays to its therapeutic drug monitoring test menu for use on the company’s ARCHITECT® c800™, ARCHITECT ci8200™, and AEROSET® immunochemistry systems. The MULTIGENT™ digoxin assay monitors levels of an antiarrhythmic drug used in patients with heart problems, while the MULTIGENT valproic acid assay checks for levels of a commonly used anticonvulsant drug. Both assays are easy to use, provide precise and accurate results down to low drug levels, and show minimal interference from other blood components. Both the MULTIGENT digoxin and MULTIGENT valproic acid assays provide customers with a ready-to-use liquid formulation.
     The MULTIGENT digoxin assay utilizes a small sample size of 15 µL and the MULTIGENT valproic acid assay uses a sample size of 4 µL. Both assays provide results with a 10-minute turnaround time.

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