Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc introduces the Thermo Scientific HistoStar embedding system to deliver improved user comfort and productivity during the embedding process. The device incorporates a continuously adjustable paraffin dispenser paddle for user specific sample sizes and can accommodate all cassette sizes and accept baskets from any tissue processor in its large-capacity specimen drawer. Its five-liter paraffin reservoir and large area cold plate have also been designed to maximize productivity in the busiest of laboratories.

The embedding system incorporates an ergonomic design with smooth and insulated contact points for a cool and comfortable workspace. Combined with patented cool LED lighting for improved specimen visibility, the HistoStar also provides five levels of illumination for both the specimen and accessory areas.

Other features include a touch-screen design for parameter controls and programmable “sleep” mode for reduced energy consumption and a built-in Paratrimmer© for the removal of excess paraffin during specimen preparation.

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc