photoThe MaxArray research line includes Animal Tissue Arrays and the Custom Tissue Array Service.
     The custom service manufacturing begins by removing tissues of interest from archived paraffin blocks. Tissues are melted together into a homogeneous paraffin block that can be cut and mounted on slides. The slides can contain up to 96 of your tissues. Also offered are a variety of animal tissue array products for microscope slides. Each is paraffin-embedded for IHC and ISH.
     Each Animal Tissue Array package consists of four unstained slides and one H&E stained slide containing 15 tissues from four organisms, for a total of 60 tissues per slide. Slides tissues include mouse, rat, rabbit or sheep. The Custom Service allows users to create a tissue array with their own tissues. Step-by-step instructions and the tools remove archived tissues from paraffin blocks are provided.
Zymed Laboratories
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