Ventana Medical Systems Inc, a member of the Roche Group, recently announced the commercial availability of the VENTANA iScan HT slide scanner in North America to be followed by Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in July 2012.

The VENTANA iScan HT slide scanner is a powerful high-throughput brightfield scanner, enabling pathologists and lab managers to optimize their digital pathology workflow with efficiency, convenience, speed, throughput, and reliability for unprecedented results.

Incorporating cutting-edge optical focus and slide handling technologies, the VENTANA iScan HT features include high throughput, the new system holds up to 360 slides and scans up to 80 slides per hour; quality images at 20X and 40X; and intuitive, efficient, and flexible workflow management, enabling a lab manager to load and unload slides while the scanner is in active operation .

The VENTANA iScan HT slide scanner is suited for high-throughput, high-volume applications and complements the VENTANA complete suite of digital pathology solutions which also includes the iScan Coreo Au slide scanner, VIRTUOSO image and workflow management software, and a portfolio of RUO, CE-IVD, and FDA-cleared 510(k) image analysis algorithms.

Source: Ventana Medical Systems Inc