Qiagen, Germantown, Md, and Hilden, Germany, has recently initiated the worldwide launch of its QiaAmp PowerFecal Pro DNA kit, improving the extraction of high-quality DNA from fecal and gut samples and enabling an improved understanding of gut microbial diversity.

Extracting microbiome DNA from gut, stool, and soil samples can be difficult. Such biosamples often contain high levels of substances like heme, lipids, and polysaccharides that cloud true quantities of DNA, creating results that may not reflect actual biodiversity. Qiagen’s solutions use a patented inhibitor removal technology to clean impurities from samples and reveal the DNA of a more diverse population of bacteria and fungi.


Dominic O’Neil, Qiagen.

Utilizing a novel bead tube design and optimized chemistry, the QiaAmp PowerFecal Pro DNA kit efficiently lyses microbes found in stool and gut samples. In tests, the QiaAmp PowerFecal Pro DNA kit outperformed all other kits available, including the original QiaAmp PowerFecal DNA kit, isolating significantly more high-quality DNA in less time for downstream next-generation sequencing (NGS), polymerase chain reaction, and other testing.

“Our understanding of the microbiome is expanding exponentially as we explore the interaction between microbes and the host,” says Dominic O’Neil, director of microbiome product development at Qiagen. “As such, researchers need powerful tools to uncover the breadth of biodiversity in the gut and its interplay in the overall health of the host. The QiaAmp PowerFecal Pro DNA kit further advances Qiagen’s technology and market-leading position by taking an already strong product and making it even faster and more efficient for laboratories. This new kit can be also automated on the QiaCubeto save hands-on time. The QiaAmp PowerFecal Pro DNA kit represents an important contribution to Qiagen’s microbiome workflows, which include homogenization, automation, sample prep, NGS library prep, and bioinformatics solutions.”

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