Learn about dependable noninvasive H. pylori diagnostic testing solutions, like the BreathID® Smart urea breath test platform. Deliver fast, accurate H. pylori test results with this trusted, patient-friendly platform that combines market-leading diagnostic accuracy with efficient automation in a compact footprint.

Our products are designed to fit your unique needs so you can focus on what you do best — providing quality testing to physicians and patients. Working together we can provide solutions to meet your H. pylori testing needs. From low-volume testing to high-volume automation, physician offices to health systems, Meridian is here to help.

Whether for initial active infection detection or confirmation of eradication, Meridian is your trusted partner in gastrointestinal diagnostics and has been a leader in H. pylori testing for over 20 years. Click here to preview Meridian’s full portfolio of noninvasive H. pylori testing solutions.

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