Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics is offering replays of the "Serum HER-2/neu in Breast Cancer" and "Relevancy of PSA Testing" oncology Webinars.

Click here to listen to "Serum HER-2/neu in Breast Cancer." Discover how the Serum HER-2/neu test can be used to monitor patients with metastatic breast cancer, review recent literature analyzing the value of serum HER-2/neu in clinical management, and examine patient cases demonstrating how serum HER-2/neu levels chronicle changes in disease.

Click here to access "Relevancy of PSA Testing." The Webinar outlines early detection recommendations, explains why PSA testing remains relevant, eviews recent prostate cancer studies, and describes approaches for addressing specificity challenges associated with PSA testing.

Each program has been designated for 1.0 PACE continuing education credit.

Source:Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics