Thermo Fisher Scientific Ion S5_Frontopen-10in_crop3177x1862pNGS Systems
Support translational and applied research
The Ion S5 and Ion S5 XL systems from Thermo Fisher Scientific, South San Francisco, Calif, combine the ability to sequence gene panels and small genomes—as well as exomes, transcriptomes, and custom assays—on a single platform. The platforms are designed with plug-and-play cartridge-based reagents to make setting up and operating the sequencers simple and efficient. The systems require 15 minutes of manual set-up time per sequencing run, and less than 45 minutes of hands-on work from DNA to data when using the Ion Chef system for automated Ion AmpliSeq library construction, template preparation, and chip loading. The Ion S5 system is suited for academic or translational labs in need of an all-in-one sequencer without turnaround time constraints. The Ion S5 XL system is suited for clinical research labs requiring faster turnaround or higher sample throughput per day. Both sequencers are currently designated for research use only.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
(800) 955-6288; www.thermofisher.com


Visiun_Test Utilization menuLab Analytics System
Offers test utilization in the cloud
Visiun, Ann Arbor, Mich, has added test utilization functionality to the cloud-based version of its Performance Insight laboratory analytics system. The system seeks to identify key opportunities for laboratories to reduce unnecessary testing. With test utilization accessible through Performance Insight in the cloud, lab managers and supervisors have simplified remote access to their test utilization metrics. With no servers or software to install and manage, the mobile-friendly option eliminates the need for dedicated IT resources, and all software updates are available immediately. Laboratory data is securely hosted, adhering to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations as well as such stringent protocols as those described by the ISO 27001, RedRAMP, SOC1, and SOC2 standards. The cloud version also provides laboratories with the ability to retain and analyze years of data.
(800) 941-4937; www.visiun.com

Definiens_Tissue Studio 4.2Tissue Analysis Software
Includes tissue microarray brightness slider
Definiens, Carlsbad, Calif, has released Tissue Studio 4.2, an updated tissue analysis software package designed to provide improved image analysis functionality. The image analysis system for biomarker and morphological profiling was developed to overcome the variability inherent in biological staining. The software seeks to detect regions of interest accurately and distinguish cell types and cell subtypes within target regions across any number of tissue slides. New benefits available with Tissue Studio 4.2 include a tissue microarray (TMA) brightness slider for improved TMA core detection, minimizing the number of cores that traditionally require manual annotation; improved needle biopsy registration, with automatic alignment for needle biopsies to allow more accurate transfer of the regions of interest between consecutive slides; and “heat maps” that are based on combinations of readouts and object features, allowing a more sophisticated visual review of the local distribution of biomarker expression.
(760) 893-8900; www.definiens.com


Cleaver Scientific hPAGE system crop640Electrophoresis System
Designed to improve DNA separation
Cleaver Scientific, Rugby, Warwickshire, UK, has introduced a horizontal polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (hPAGE) system developed in collaboration with the Kirkhouse Trust, Oxfordshire, UK. Designed to improve DNA separation, the unit’s horizontal format allows for a large number of samples to be run simultaneously. Additionally, polyacrylamide gel achieves greater resolution when compared with agarose gel. The system features ease of pouring and casting of polyacrylamide gels, removing the complexity normally associated with vertical gel casting. The unit’s glass plate size can be varied, permitting several different gel concentrations to be run at the same time.
Cleaver Scientific
[email protected]; www.cleaverscientific.com

Pentair Data Center solutionsData Center Infrastructure Configuration
Feature a modular approach
Pentair, Warwick, RI, offers a comprehensive portfolio of Schroff customizable product platforms for data center infrastructure design. Including Varistar server cabinets, aisle containment, active cooling, and off-the-shelf expansion and accessory components, these modular data center infrastructure systems were developed for flexibility and affordability. The customized products feature a modular approach, and are suited for designing a data center to meet specific requirements for a wide range of end-users. The products provide shielding against radio frequency interference, keep temperatures in a defined bandwidth, and permit stacking of sensitive electronics in a protective manner.
(800) 525-4862; www.pentairprotect.com

Hamilton Storage RackWare HD138 and HD60Storage Racks
For microtube, cryovial applications
Hamilton Storage, Reno, Nev, has released RackWare HD138 and HD60 high-density SBS-footprint racks for microtube and cryovial storage. Designed for use with Hamilton’s sample management and storage systems, the new RackWare increases the storage capacity in a given space by increasing the number of tubes that can be placed in an SBS-footprint rack. Racks can also be used to maximize storage in manual freezers. RackWare HD138 supports most major 96-format labware and increases storage capacity in a comparable SBS footprint from 96 to 138 tubes. RackWare HD60 increases the storage from 48 to 60 larger cryovials.
Hamilton Storage
(800) 648-5950; www.hamilton-storage.com


Virostat rabbit monoclonal antibodyRabbit Monoclonal Antibody
Aids in detection of Group A Strep
ViroStat, Westbrook, Maine, has released a new rabbit monoclonal antibody to the group A carbohydrate (GAC) antigen of group A Streptococcus. Rapid detection of the Streptococcus group A bacterium is based upon immunoassay of the GAC that is released upon specimen extraction. The antibody functions in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and lateral-flow immunoassay applications, and pairs with itself as well as with the existing ViroStat Omnitope goat and rabbit polyclonal antibodies. Streptococcus pyogenes is the leading cause of strep throat and impetigo. This Gram-positive bacterium can also occasionally cause more severe invasive infections.
(207) 856-6620; www.virostat-inc.com

BioPure Bio Tube applicator crop 640Bio Tube Applicator
Supports tube-to-hose barb assembly
New from BioPure Technology, Waterlooville, UK, part of the Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, is a bio tube applicator. The tube-to-hose barb assembly machine is designed for easy insertion of single-use fluid path connectors into a wide variety of tubing, including those made from silicone and thermoplastic elastomers. The applicator aims to complete union of the tube and connectors without damage to the internal bore of the tube, and without lubrication such as isopropyl alcohol. Providing a repeatable process, the applicator is compliant with current good manufacturing practices and reduces the risk of junction failure. The applicator is customized with a set of jaws, tube supports, and a cradle to support the fluid path component. For new applications, BioPure’s in-house engineering team can design custom-made parts. A reverse bio tube applicator is also available to remove tubing from connected products.
BioPure Technology
(800) 282-8823; www.biopuretech.com

Parker Hannifin LX_groupLatching Valve
Optimizes battery life
The Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin Corp, Hollis, NH, has released a new miniature solenoid poppet valve, the LX series, a latching valve based on the company’s X-Valve family. The LX significantly increases battery life in portable medical devices to provide efficient pneumatic on and off control in a compact 8 mm size. The special latching feature is designed to enable the valve to remain in open or closed positions over indefinite periods of time without consuming battery power. With a single AA lithium-ion battery, the LX series can power more than 1.4 million valve switching cycles. The two-way valve is available at 0.4 bar and accepts common input voltages from 3 to 24 Vdc.
Parker Precision Fluidics
(603) 595 1500; www.parker.com/precisionfluidics

Micronic low profile screw capsScrew Caps
Feature a Torx 10 screw head
Addressing the need for compact storage labware, space-saving, low-profile screw caps from Micronic, Lelystad, the Netherlands, are compatible with the company’s 96-well screw-cap storage tubes. The caps are designed at an identical tube height as Micronic’s TPE caps, offering operational flexibility for organizations using both types of storage tube closures. Suitable for biobanks and other laboratory facilities requiring long-term sample storage at low temperatures, the screw caps feature a Torx 10 screw head and are available in 12 colors. Silicon O-rings around the caps’ base produce a secure seal, and single-twist closing ensures an easy and tight seal for sample storage tubes. To complement these products, Micronic also offers a manual low-profile screw cap remover for tube decapping.
Micronic America
(484) 480-3372, www.micronic.com

Idex product lineAdvanced Optofluidics Portfolio
Includes filters, lenses, and shutters
Idex Health & Science LLC, Rohnert Park, Calif, has launched a newly expanded portfolio of fluidic, microfluidic, and optical components and capabilities. The combined product lines of Semrock, Melles Griot, and Cidra Precision Services—including filters, lenses, shutters, laser sources, light engines, integrated optical assemblies, and microfluidics components—will provide the foundation for a broader set of products and capabilities for instrument and consumable developers as well as end-users. Hoping to advance its reputation as an intelligent solutions company, Idex offers a number of products to address customers’ clinical diagnostic needs, including biological lasers, dispense pumps, manifolds, and microfluidics.
Idex Health & Science
(800) 426-0191; www.idex-hs.com

CPC Panel mountQuick Disconnect Couplings
Available in panel mount versions
Colder Products Company, St. Paul, Minn, has expanded its PMC12 series of quick disconnect couplings with the addition of panel mount options that enable easy integration of flexible tubing connections directly into devices or equipment. The PMC12 series and its panel mount inserts are available in polypropylene for enhanced chemical resistance, and are gamma sterilizable. The new panel mount versions of the PMC12 couplings offer a wide variety of terminations, including hose barb and ferruleless polytube fittings. Because of their compact form factor, the plastic quick disconnect couplings with panel mounts support in vitro diagnostic applications, including handling of reagents and buffers. They also are suited for printing and ink handling applications.
Colder Products Company
(800) 444-2474; cpcworldwide.com

Oven Industries temp sensor2Temperature Sensor
Includes waterproof threaded stainless steel
Oven Industries Inc, Mechanicsburg, Pa, has expanded its portfolio of products with a new line of waterproof temperature sensors. The sensor is equipped with a waterproof threaded stainless steel case, which offers protection to the embedded sensor wiring and a means for fastening the sensor. The case can also be adapted to protect the company’s other contact and non-contact temperature sensors for liquid applications. Other temperature sensor types include thermistor sensors, thermocouple sensors, thermoelectric module sensors, probe sensors, and process application sensors.
Oven Industries
(717) 766-0721; www.ovenind.com


Biodesix GeneStrat kitBlood-Based Mutation Test
Delivers results in 72 hours
The GeneStrat blood-based panel from Biodesix Inc, Boulder, Colo, is now able to detect EML4-ALK gene fusions in addition to BRAF, EGFR sensitizing, EGFR T790M, and KRAS gene mutations. GeneStrat is a noninvasive, blood-based test analyzing circulating tumor DNA and RNA, designed to provide accurate results in 72 hours for newly diagnosed non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. Based on NSCLC patient samples, GeneStrat is highly sensitive and specific, with data supporting concordance with fluorescence in situ hybridization, polymerase chain reaction, and tissue-based methods. GeneStrat can be reflexed to VeriStrat, a blood-based proteomic test for EGFR-negative patients, used to identify more aggressive tumor growth and inform likely patient benefit from treatment.
(866) 432-5930; www.biodesix.com

Trinity Troponin 1 cartridgeTroponin I Assay, Analyzer
Uses whole blood or plasma samples
Trinity Biotech Plc, Bray, Ireland, recently submitted to FDA an application for premarket notification (510(k)) clearance for its Meritas point-of-care (POC) analyzer and Meritas cardiac troponin I (cTnI) POC assay for use in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction. The single-use, precalibrated cTnI assay, which is run on the Meritas analyzer, was developed to assist healthcare professionals in quickly determining patient cardiac status in emergency department settings. Delivering cTnI results in about 15 minutes from either whole blood or plasma samples, the assay combines sensitive antibody reagents and the use of advanced injection molding technologies to create high-fidelity micropillar structures to control sample fluidics.
Trinity Biotech
(800) 325-3424; www.trinitybiotech.com