The Smart Evaporator C10 from BioChromato, San Diego, draws upon patented vacuum vortex concentration technology to offer fast and effective evaporation of up to 10 samples in vials. The tool allows for fast and simple removal of even high boiling point solvents such as DMSO, DMF, and water, and it allows for safe drying of temperature sensitive compounds and efficient drying of solvent volumes as low as 0.1ml.

The Smart Evaporator C10 offers big multi-sample drying time savings compared to using a nitrogen blowdown evaporator or rotary evaporator. In independent testing, the Smart Evaporator C10 was shown to reduce the drying time for eight aqueous samples from 2 hours using a rotary evaporator to just 15 minutes.

The Smart Evaporator C10 is also proven to dry samples without solvent bumping or splashing.
The BioChromato C10 Smart Evaporator offers a productive sample preparation tool for labs tasked with solvent removal directly from liquid chromatography vials or concentration of multiple samples from extraction or fractionation processes.

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