Blood Analyzer
Preclassify body fluid samples
Siemens CellaVision DM96_B_opt
The CellaVision DM96 digital cell morphology system from Siemens, Malvern, Pa, automates traditional microscopy for high-volume hematology workflows in a hospital setting. Automatically locating cells on a stained peripheral blood or body fluid smear, the system preclassifies, stores, and presents the data for confirmation by a technologist to enhance speed and productivity. The system groups white blood cells into 18 discrete cell classes and precharacterizes red blood cells for polychromasia, hypochromasia, aniso-, micro-, and macrocytosis, and poikilocytosis. High-resolution images also detect cell inclusions. Users may compare different cell classes on one screen, while magnifying individual cells for closer analysis. A continuous slide feed raises throughput without increasing labor.
(888) 826-9702; usa.healthcare.siemens.com


Laboratory Information System
ICD-10 ready
Sunquest Lab 7 screen shot copy_opt
Sunquest Laboratory, a Laboratory Information System (LIS) from Sunquest, Tucson, Ariz, streamlines end user functions to decrease specimen handling time, increase productivity, and improve turnaround times. With more than 2,000 application interfaces and 11,000 instrument interfaces, the system is compatible with other hospital information systems and Sunquest solutions. Sunquest Laboratory is Meaningful Use Stage 1 certified and offers modules to meet several requirements of Stage 2. The tool includes integrated, method-specific LOINC capability for resulting, reporting, and filing LOINC inpatient records, is ICD-10 ready, and supports both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes.
(520) 570-2000; www.sunquestinfo.com

Electronic Lab Notebook
LIMS application with improved functionality
Agile Bio ELN screenshot_opt
The latest version of Electronic Lab Notebook, the web-based, paperless alternative to physical note taking from AgileBio, New York, complements the company’s LabCollector laboratory information management system (LIMS). The previous generation provided tools such as a multilingual interface, task time reporting, workflow creation, diagram designer tool, audit trail, and archive function, and validation/signing to effectively manage data for lab experiments. The upgrade now includes a revised interface, new content editor, the ability to grid custom fields, improved PDF printing with integration of images and Excel files, and double electronic signatures for pages with signer authentication. The application is appropriate for research projects, technical platforms, service activities, and company projects.
(347) 368-1315; www.agilebio.com 

Point-of-Care Data Management System
Streamline testing in one interface
Siemens RAPIDComm DMS_opt
The next generation of the RAPIDComm Data Management System from Siemens, Malvern, Pa, allows for streamlined management of blood gas, urine chemistry, and HbA1c diabetes point-of-care testing, uniting multiple Siemens analyzers in one interface. The system allows for rapid transmission of patient and QC data without manual handling, while tiered controls provide access only to trained users. Other features include custom reports and standardized test protocols, in-network results transmission, delta checks based on sample type, an audit trail for compliance regulation, and a system alerts manager. Remote service access is available at any time.
(888) 826-9702; usa.healthcare.siemens.com


Laboratory Benchtop Temperature Controller
Enabled for universal geographic use
Oven Industries laboratory-temperature-controller_opt
A new laboratory temperature controller from Oven Industries, Mechanicsburg, Pa, offers ramp/soak capabilities. The compact 5R6-900 benchtop controller can be plugged into the wall as a self-contained temperature control system with its own power supply and is also optimized for universal geographic use. As a solid-state MOSFET bidirectional compact unit featuring an internal power supply, the system can load currents up to 10A. Designed to be PC programmable, the 5R6-900 connects to a computer through the electrically isolated RS232 communications port. Settings stored in the unit’s non-volatile memory allow it to stand alone and for the computer to be used as a connector as well.
Oven Industries
(717) 766-0721; www.ovenind.com


Genome Sequencer
Sequences a whole genome in less than a day
Illumina NextSeq500
The NextSeq 500 sequencer from Illumina, San Diego, combines high-throughput performance with a desktop form factor. Its push-button operation provides 1-day turnaround for sequencing applications, including a whole human genome and up to 16 exomes, up to 20 noninvasive prenatal testing samples, up to 20 transcriptomes, up to 48 gene expression samples, and up to 96 targeted panels. The NextSeq 500 integrates cluster generation and sequencing into a single instrument, giving users the flexibility to switch to lower throughput sequencing as needed. Data is generated in as little as 12 hours for a 75-cycle sequencing run and fewer than 30 hours for paired 150 cycle reads. The NextSeq 500 System is priced at $250,000.
(858) 202-4500; www.illumina.com


Chemical Storage Cabinets
Air Science SafeStore_opt
Seal off dangerous chemicals
A new line of vented chemical storage cabinets from Air Science, Fort Myers, Fla, provides protection from noxious or odorous chemicals. The SafeStore containers isolate chemical vapors, residues, and volatile organic compounds to limit operator exposure, prevent cross contamination, and minimize environmental impact. A multiplex carbon filtration system offers an alternative to ducted cabinets, preventing particulate release into the surrounding area and safeguarding personnel during maintenance and decontamination. Available sizes include 25, 1,000, or 2,000 liters capacity.
Air Science USA
(800) 306-0656; www.airscience.com

Blood Tube Rack
Customizable equipment
Poltex Blood tube rack_opt
Constructed of durable, break-resistant polycarbonate, this blood tube organizer and carrying tray from Poltex, Bend, Ore, helps to safely transport racks of blood tubes throughout the clinical lab. Available with three-rack and four-rack capacity, the trays may also be designed to custom specifications. Each pocket measures 4.125 inches x 9.75 inches, with 2-inch-high side walls. Overall dimensions are 13.125 inches x 10.125 inches for the three-rack model and 8.8 inches x 20 inches for the four-rack model. Trays are stackable when empty for convenient storage.
(888) 976-5839; www.poltex.com


Monoclonal Antibodies
Reactivity with human rhinovirus
ViroStat Rhinovirus antibodies_opt
Three monoclonal antibodies that have broad reactivity with several Rhinovirus types are now available from ViroStat, Portland, Me. Human rhinoviruses belong to the Enterovirus genus and are the most frequent cause of the common cold. There are 99 different Rhinovirus types based upon variation in the four outer capsid proteins (VP1-VP4), and reinfection with different types is common. These antibodies are reactive with the VP3 capsid protein and function in ELISA and IFA to detect these viruses.
(207) 856-6620; www.virostat-inc.com

CRMs for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Ensure valid clinical outcomes
Cerillliant CRM_opt
Cerilliant, Round Rock, Tex, has released new antifungal Certified Spiking Solutions of fluconazole, itraconazole, voriconazole, posaconazole, 5-fluorocytosine, and ketoconazole at a 2.0 mg/mL concentration. These certified reference materials (CRMs) may be used as Snap-N-Spike starting materials to prepare calibrators, controls, or linearity standards for LC-MS/MS testing of antifungals in therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). Use of LC-MS/MS methods for TDM of antifungals requires highly pure CRMs to ensure valid clinical outcomes and guarantee a test’s accuracy and reproducibility. Certified Spiking Solutions meet industry standards including ISO Guide 34, ISO 17025, and ISO 13485, and are suitable for applications ranging from TDM, diagnostic testing, and endocrinology, to toxicology, forensic testing, and clinical chemistry.
(800) 848-7837; www.cerilliant.com