Ductless Fume Hood
Mystaire_Aura fume hood 400
Constant monitoring of gas-phase filtration saturation
The Aura Elite ductless fume hood from Mystaire Inc, Creedmoor, NC, features updated microprocessor-based controls, including constant monitoring of fume hood face velocity, gas-phase filtration saturation, and temperature and humidity monitoring. Each feature is displayed and managed by an EverSafe III touch screen controller that offers fingertip control while providing user feedback and reliable monitoring of all hood functions. An energy-saving feature constantly monitors the fume hood’s performance, logging and displaying the energy consumed. This function allows laboratory staff to monitor and conserve energy even when the hood is not in use.
Mystaire Inc
(877) 328-3912; www.mystaire.com

Microplate Spectrophotometer
Spectral range from 200 to 999 nm
BioTek_Epoch2Launch 400The Epoch 2 microplate spectrophotometer from BioTek, Winooski, Vt, is the first reader to combine a large touch screen and full onboard data analysis software for operation and reporting of absorbance-based detection workflows, according to the company. The Epoch 2 features a spectral range from 200 to 999 nm, selectable in 1-nm increments for single-, dual-, and multiwavelength measurements in end point and kinetic read methods. The system also includes spectral scanning and well-area scanning. Compatible sample vessels include 6- to 384-well microplates, standard cuvettes, and 2-?L microvolume samples via BioTek’s Take3 Micro-Volume plates. A 10-inch color touch screen interface facilitates intuitive navigation and offers a high-resolution display. Onboard Gen5 data analysis software enables quick analysis and flexible export and report options, while Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB flash drive features expand data export options.
(888) 451-5171; www.biotek.com

Precision Micromanipulator
Resists vibration during use
Eppendorf_TransferMan_4_campaign_1_keyvisual_r1 400
The TransferMan 4r micromanipulator from Eppendorf North America, Hauppauge, NY, provides an intuitive user interface while enabling precise microinjection and direct transmission of movement. Designed for a broad range of applications, including microinjection and manipulation of suspension cells such as oocytes and blastocysts, the system includes a DualSpeed joystick with a dynamic speed mode to cover long distances or streamline sample processing. Combined with an ergonomic control board, the joystick makes the TransferMan 4r resistant to vibration and drift during use. Four predefined application-specific user interfaces such as “cell transfer” and “DNA injection” are available, while a programmable Z-axis limit helps prevent accidental capillary breakage. A flexible assembly and mounting design enables the system’s installation on all common microscopes.
Eppendorf North America
(800) 645-3050; www.eppendorfna.com


Chemical Structures Tools for LIMS
AgileBio_LabCollector 640
Manage all LabCollector chemical structures data
AgileBio, Paris, France, has released a new substructure search engine for its LabCollector chemical structures module, enabling quick and effective management of all LabCollector chemical structures data. Searching molecules can now be accomplished using SMILES queries and by importing MOL representations. The chemical structures module can also be used with ChemDraw CDX formats and protein PDB files. Chemical structures registered in LabCollector can be imported into the Electronic Lab Notebook using the chemistry plug-in option. The plug-in also features a visual function for building chemical reactions and inserting them into the contents of the lab notebook. Reactions can be saved in the notebook for later reuse, while reaction templates can be derived and modified.
+33 1 41 79 15 85; www.agilebio.com

2D Barcode Scanner
Reads LCD screens
DENSO_QK30_Scanner 600The QK30 barcode scanner from Denso ADC, Long Beach, Calif, is designed to read 1D and 2D barcodes displayed on paper and the LCD screens of mobile devices. The QK30 is the only scanner in its class to offer programmable multicolored LEDs, play audio files, and enable remote device management via Denso’s interleaving media scanning technology (IMST). The device is 50% thinner than previous models, and has a 30% larger scanning area, allowing it to quickly scan large-screen smartphones. The QK30 includes IMST programming and configuration software, and can also be programmed using scripts. Even under poor lighting conditions, IMST technology allows the scanner to read LCD screens with differing contrasts, colors, and reflections.
Denso ADC
(888) 693-3676; www.denso-adc.com


RUO Microsampler
Neoteryx_Mitra Microsampler 640Facilitates fluid collection and analysis
The Mitra microsampling device from Neoteryx, Torrance, Calif, is designed for the collection, transport, storage, and analysis of biological fluids. The RUO device collects 10 µL of fluid within seconds while eliminating the volumetric blood hematocrit bias typically associated with the dried blood spotting technique. Based on proprietary volumetric absorptive microsampling technology, the microsampler’s design facilitates high-throughput and serial sampling, fluid draws from live hosts or tubes, and the ability to collect precise microsamples with limited training and no specialized lab equipment. Once samples are collected, the device is dried, stored, and transported under ambient conditions, eliminating the need for laborious and expensive processing steps and transportation needs. To prepare samples for analysis, a simple and automatable extraction is performed with common solvents. The Mitra is available in a 96-well plate for high-throughput environments as well as a four-pack clamshell suitable for direct sampling.
(310) 787-8747; www.neoteryx.com


CD25 and CD71 Positive Procedural Control
Streck_CD-Chex CD117_200Detectable with fluorescent monoclonal antibodies
Streck Inc, Omaha, Neb, has announced the addition of CD25 and CD71 markers for CD-Chex CD117 Plus, the only commercially available positive procedural control for CD117. CD-Chex 117 Plus eliminates the need for laboratories to hold and validate patient samples to use as a control for CD117, CD25, and CD71, saving time and money. The control was developed with characteristics similar to the abnormal peripheral blood leukocytes often found in a hematolymphoid neoplastic patient sample. It also possesses surface CD117, CD25, and CD71 that are detectable with fluorescent monoclonal antibodies by flow cytometry. Abnormal leukocytes are distinguishable from normal leukocytes on the basis of light scatter properties and a low level of CD45 expression. CD-Chex CD117 Plus features 30-day open-vial stability and 90-day closed-vial stability.
Streck Inc
(800) 843-0912; www.streck.com

NGS Oncology Control
ThermoFisher_Hotspot_Control 350500 single nucleotide variants
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Carlsbad, Calif, has launched its first universal quality control for next-generation sequencing (NGS) oncology tests. The AcroMetrix Oncology Hotspot control can be used across laboratories with different NGS instrument platforms, assays, and bioinformatics pipelines to test precision and detect analytical deviations that may arise from reagent and instrument variation. Allowing users to control for more than 500 hotspot mutations, the Oncology Hotspot control contains cancer-associated mutations across 53 genes, including KRAS, BRAF, ERBB2, EGFR, and TP53. Users can choose from 500 single nucleotide variants, 18 insertions, 29 deletions, and three complex mutations. Containing both synthetic and genomic DNA, the control has a validated 12-month shelf life at -20°C and is stable over five freeze-thaw events.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
(760) 603-7200; www.thermofisher.com


VelaSample to result in 2.5 hours
Vela Diagnostics, Singapore, has announced the CE-IVD launch of the Sentosa SA Direct MRSA/SA PCR test, which provides real-time PCR qualitative detection of Staphylococcus aureus (SA) and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) to aid in the prevention and control of MRSA/SA infections in healthcare settings. Validated for use with the Sentosa SX Lysis Beads and Sentosa SA Reporter, the Sentosa SA Direct allows laboratories to differentiate MRSA from SA. It also identifies a broad range of SCCmec cassette types (Type I to VIII XI), as well as the mecA and novel mecC genes. S. aureus is a major cause of nosocomial infections, with clinical manifestations ranging from pustules to sepsis and death. In the United States, there are at least 80,000 severe MRSA infections per year, leading to 11,000 deaths.
Vela Diagnostics
(973) 521-7011; www.veladx.com

First FDA-Cleared Hydrocodone Test
CLC_Hydrocodone 350Detects prescription drug abuse
Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Winston-Salem, NC, has received FDA clearance for its hydrocodone test, the first “ready-to-use” assay to rapidly screen for the presence of hydrocodone and hydromorphone in urine with minimal cross-reactivity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more people in the United States die each year from prescription drug abuse than from heroin and cocaine combined. The federal government recently issued guidelines restricting patients on hydrocodone medications such as Vicodin and Lortab to a 90-day supply and requiring them to revisit a physician for a refill. The hydrocodone test is a homogeneous enzyme immunoassay intended for both the qualitative and semiquantitative determination of hydrocodone at 100 ng/mL or 300 ng/mL cutoff. Carolina Liquid Chemistries supplies controls and calibrators to accommodate the cutoff.
Carolina Liquid Chemistries
(877) 722-8910; www.carolinachemistries.com