Leica Microsystems Inc has expanded its line of digital inverted research microscopes with the new DMI3000 B and DMI4000 B. These microscopes provide solutions ranging from simple micromanipulation to advanced live cell fluorescence imaging.
     “Simply Microscopy” is the central theme for Leica’s line of digital microscopes. This phrase describes intelligent automation that allows a researcher to fully focus on his or her experiment and not on the microscope function. Leica’s pioneering concept ensures that the correct component is selected for each contrast technique and returns light settings to their optimized values.
     The fully manual Leica DMI3000 B is an affordable platform specifically tailored for micromanipulation. The DMI4000 B provides a flexible and modular platform for adding automation based on experimental needs. Even manually operated components are encoded so that the microscope can guide the user to proper operation.
     The new Leica DMI3000 B and DMI4000 B fulfill the requirements for optical brilliance and stability needed by the latest live cell applications. In addition, ergonomic design is used throughout to ensure comfortable operation during long periods at the microscope.
     Accessories include incubators, heating and cooling devices, CO2 and O2, and perfusion to provide ideal physiological conditions for cells. In addition to a wide range of mechanical and motorized micromanipulators, Leica’s DMI microscopes are also available with narrow specimen stages that allow manipulators and other peripherals to be positioned close to the specimen.

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