VistaLab Technologies Inc has added new electronic single-channel models to its Ovation Bionatural™ Pipette product line, expanding the design’s significant ergonomic benefits with new automated liquid-handling functions that maximize pipetting efficiency. An easy-to-read display and simple-to-operate keypad allow fast recall; setup of user-defined pipetting protocols; and selection of operating modes, volumes, and speeds. Fully electronic operations make repetitive pipetting effortless, reliably delivering the performance even complex applications require with uncompromised confidence. A broad menu of liquid-handling functions includes tasks such as multiple dispensing, forward pipetting, reverse pipetting, mixing, serial diluting, and sequential dispensing. Color-coded right- and left-handed models are available with wide volume ranges for precise liquid dispensing from 0.5 µL to 1,250 µL.
     The new electronic single-channel Ovation pipettes also feature a tip-acquisition system that provides an audible click when a tip is securely seated and ready to use. The tip is released with the gentle push of a button. This eliminates any uncertainty about incomplete tip acquisition or excessive force often expended during tip installation and removal.
     Ovation represents an entirely new approach to pipette design that is consistent with the recommendations of ergonomists and governmental agencies for preventing injuries, and reducing pipetting fatigue and effort. The pipette’s low profile and contoured body shape reinforce ergonomically correct pipetting by encouraging the user’s hand, wrist, and arm to assume more neutral postures during all phases of the pipetting cycle. Force and exertion from repetition or duration are also minimized as a result of the improved pipetting posture and the Ovation pipette’s unique design.

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