The Zeiss Airyscan 880 laser-scanning microscope (LSM) from Zeiss, Oberkochen, Germany, detects all precious fluorescence emission photons of 1.25 AU. Their information is then used to deliver higher sensitivity, superresolution, and high acquisition speeds. Airyscan allows for simultaneous improvement in resolution and signal-to-noise by capitalizing on a 32-channel gallium arsenide phosphide photomultiplier tube array detector. Users can resolve structures of 120 nm (in x, y) and 350 nm (in z) even in thick samples. A new 2D superresolution mode takes advantage of the fact that the system captures x, y, and z information of the confocal point spread function. A new processing algorithm uses the inherent spatial information captured in a single image. It specifically distinguishes between photons originating from the focal plane of 0.2 AU and photons from outside of the focal plane. For more information, visit Zeiss.