Nikon Instruments has unveiled a new confocal microscope which can acquire high resolution, large field of view images, deep within living organisms at high speed.

Nikon’s new AX R MP multiphoton confocal microscope can efficiently acquire large amounts of data on ultrastructure in the deep regions of living organisms, supporting research into diverse biological phenomena.

With an upright microscope configuration, a large space is provided under the objective to support a wide range of experiments and acquisition of images from various angles. There is a demand for systems that support a broad range of experiments and enable lateral and axial observation of samples without changing their orientation, which Nikon has aimed to provide.

The Nikon AX R MP’s main features include high speed scanning of high-resolution images with a large field of view; the ability to respond to diverse experimental needs by providing a large space under the objective; and the capability of achieving observation from various angles by tilting the objective.

High resolution 2K x 2K images with a large field of view can be acquired at high speed by combining the AX R MP with the dedicated AX-FNGP and AX-FNSP microscopes for multiphoton confocal systems, or the ECLIPSE Ti2-E inverted research microscope. Fast biological activities can be captured at high resolution right up to the periphery of the field of view using a resonant scanner. Large amounts of data can be acquired efficiently, supporting research of different biological phenomena.

Also, a space with a height of 40 cm is provided under the objective of the AX-FNGP and AX-FNSP microscopes for multiphoton confocal systems to meet user needs for a sufficiently large experimental space to accommodate large living samples.

The AX R MP confocal microscope will be released sometime in Spring 2022.

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Featured Image: AX R MP Multiphoton Confocal Microscope (Gate stand model). Photo: Nikon Instruments