Two new DP series microscope cameras from Waltham, Mass-based Olympus share advanced, time-saving features while enabling users to choose the most suitable model based on the level of resolution required. With 4K ultra-high-definition image quality, the DP28 camera enables users to share and review sample images in fine detail while the DP23 camera’s 6.4-megapixel resolution and 45 frames per second (fps) frame rate make it easy to quickly capture images with the detail needed for most life science imaging applications.

Focused on Image Quality

When showing microscope images on a monitor or large screen, the highest possible resolution and a fast frame rate are important. The DP28 camera’s 8.9-megapixel CMOS image sensor, global shutter, and 4K resolution at 32 frames per second (fps) provide the outstanding image quality required. For smooth images of fast-moving samples, the camera can capture full HD live images at 64 fps, matching the maximum frame rate of a standard monitor. If 4K resolution is not required, the DP23 camera balances speed and HD resolution for fast, efficient imaging and analysis.

The DP28 and DP23 cameras can capture images with a field of view up to FN25, so users can see more of their sample at once with in-focus images from the center to the periphery for efficient imaging. And like all cameras in the DP series, both reproduce colors accurately, so stained specimens look the way they are expected to.

Easy Image Capture with Smart Features

The cameras’ features make common imaging tasks easier so that users can remain focused on the screen rather than making time-consuming adjustments. Key features include Olympus smart image averaging, which suppresses noise while maintaining a high frame rate and eliminating artifacts to produce clear images, high contrast mode to capture clear images of dim samples, and focus peaking to quickly identify which areas of the sample are in focus.

Efficient Remote Collaboration

All critical data—including images, annotations, and live measurements—can be displayed and shared locally or remotely. Network image sharing enables users to review samples with offsite colleagues, saving time. The camera’s control module supports NIST, GDPR, and optional antivirus software for safer data sharing.

According to Olympus, with the new DP28 and DP23 microscope cameras, customers have the flexibility to choose between 4K or HD resolution with cameras that share a wide field of view, accurate color reproduction, and a suite of smart features that make life science imaging easier.

To learn more about the DP28 or DP23 microscope camera, visit Olympus-LifeScience.

Featured image: Olympus’ DP23 microscope camera balances speed and HD resolution for fast, efficient imaging and analysis. (Courtesy: Olympus)