Getlabs, the nationwide at-home diagnostic collections provider, announced a new partnership with Sana MD, the advanced primary care practice of Sana, a healthcare benefits provider. The collaboration will enable Sana MD patients with a more convenient and reliable way to obtain high-quality laboratory testing through Getlabs’ at-home specimen collection services.

Under the partnership, Sana MD patients will have access to Getlabs’ network of licensed phlebotomists who can collect blood and other specimens from the comfort of patient’s homes. When patients receive a lab order from their Sana MD Primary Care Provider, they will be given the option to have a Getlabs visit scheduled for them.

“Partnering with Getlabs is an important step forward in our mission to provide affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare to our members,” says Sana’s Co-founder and CEO Will Young. “By offering at-home specimen collection services, we can remove one of the main barriers to accessing laboratory testing and improve health outcomes for our members.”

The partnership with Getlabs is part of Sana MD’s ongoing efforts to modernize and streamline the healthcare system, making it more patient-centered and cost-effective. By leveraging the latest technologies and innovations, Sana MD aims to create a better healthcare experience for all, from patients to providers to employers.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Sana MD to bring at-home diagnostics to more patients across the country,” says Kyle Michelson, CEO, at Getlabs. “Our mission is to save lives by delivering outstanding healthcare to everyone, and we believe that at-home specimen collections are a key component of that vision. We look forward to working with Sana MD to help more people get the care they need, when and where they need it.”

The partnership between Getlabs and Sana MD launched in Austin, TX but is expected to benefit patients across the state and country as Sana MD expands its footprint, offering a new level of convenience and quality in laboratory testing. With at-home specimen collection, patients can save time and money, while providers can ensure accurate and timely results, leading to better health outcomes and lower costs over time.