CLP takes a look at some of the exhibitors participating in the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s Annual Meeting, which will be held July 24–28 in Orlando.

 AccuTest Proficiency Testing Services
(Booth #1267)
AccuTest, a federally approved proficiency testing provider, offers the DigitalPT program—a suite of proficiency testing programs that fulfills the PT requirements for accreditation by CAP, CMS, JCAHO, and COLA. The company provides the DigitalPT standardization program for the early detection of kidney disease—a cost-efficient solution for laboratories to implement a key NIH recommendation.

AccuTest is a member of the DigitalPT international EQA collaboration. This active collaboration among five international PT providers and their laboratories uses a common informatics platform to share academic and educational resources to improve the quality of laboratory testing. The collaboration, which is inviting new members, has the participation of more than 3,200 laboratories in more than 40 countries.

(800) 665-2575; 

 Antek HealthWare
(Booth #2755)
LabDAQ, Antek HealthWare’s laboratory-information system, is expanding the connected laboratory by introducing a versatile new option called the DAQaccess. This system enables users to manage laboratories more efficiently by offering consolidated and cumulative patient reports, extensive quality-assurance functions, and sophisticated management tools to monitor workload, review cost accounting, and allocate resources appropriately.

Recently introduced to the market and currently available, DAQaccess allows users to access LabDAQ anytime, anywhere. From remote sites, DAQaccess makes it possible to order tests and review patient test results via the Internet. DAQaccess is easy to use, secure, and HIPAA compliant.

(800) 359-0911;

 AUDIT MicroControls Inc
(Booth #2511)
AUDIT MicroControls Inc specializes in calibration verification and linearity material, unique and general chemistry, and quality-control products. AUDIT now offers the laboratory its MicroCV™, a complete line of calibration verification material designed to meet CLIA requirements. The AUDITOR™ QC program helps reduce calibration-verification and quality-control data.

(866) 252-8348; 

 BD Biosciences
(Booth #2039)
From normal processes to disease states, BD Biosciences provides tools to study life. Clinicians and researchers throughout the world use BD Biosciences tools to study genes, proteins, and cells. These studies lead to a better understanding of disease, an improvement of diagnosis and disease management, and the discovery and development of novel therapeutics. As a provider of flow-cytometry products, BD Biosciences offers reagents, data analysis, instruments, and systems for research and clinical diagnostic applications.

(877) 232-8995;

 Biomedical Polymers Inc
(Booth #205)
Biomedical Polymers Inc manufactures plastic consumables for research and medical diagnostic laboratories. The company provides a wide range of products sold through worldwide laboratory distributors. It also provides critical OEM components for major diagnostic companies. Biomedical Polymers has been in business for more than 25 years, providing the market with innovation, flexibility, and a willingness to listen to customer needs. Recently, the company has launched a cytology funnel for use with the Shandon cytology centrifuge.

(978) 632-2555;

 Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc
(Booth #1014)
Multispot HIV-1/HIV-2 is a rapid indirect electroimmunoassay (EIA) that uses recombinant and peptide antigens for simultaneous detection and differentiation of anti-HIV-1 and anti-HIV-2 antibodies in Multispot human serum or plasma. The Multispot HIV-1/HIV-2 rapid test is the first single-use test in the United States to offer detection and differentiation of HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies. In addition, two HIV-1 spots, one containing a recombinant and the other a synthetic peptide antigen, provide added assurance of an HIV-1 positive result.
     Multispot is intended for use with both fresh and frozen plasma and serum, enabling flexibility when testing stored specimens. The test can be performed in less than 15 minutes, and the results are stable for as long as 24 hours. Multispot HIV-1/HIV-2 also is suitable for use in multi-test algorithms. Reagents are packaged in easy-to-use squeeze bottles, and external controls are included in every kit for added cost savings.

(800) 224-6723;

 Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc
(Booth #1014)
Bio-Rad’s Liquichek™ specialty immunoassay control is designed to complement the company’s Lyphochek and Liquichek immunoassay plus controls. The product is specially formulated to include Intact PTH, Anti-TPO, Anti-Tg, C-Peptide, EPO, IGF-I, 25-hydroxy vitamin D, and osteocalcin. It is the first liquid, third-party, multi-analyte control to include Intact PTH with 30-day, open-vial stability. The new Liquichek specialty immunoassay control is human-based, and it has a 2-year shelf life when stored frozen. The assayed values are provided for manual and automated test methods, and three critical levels are available. The UNITY™ quality-control program is available for use with the control. QC OnCall™, a complete data-management software system designed to improve the effectiveness of quality-control processes, also is available.

(800) 224-6723;

 Biosite Inc
(Booth #539)
Biosite® Inc is a research-based company dedicated to the discovery and development of protein-based diagnostic tests that help clinicians diagnose conditions such as heart failure, acute coronary syndromes, pulmonary embolism, and drug overdose. The Triage® MeterPlus platform, which is about the size of a desktop telephone, is a portable fluorometer that reads and interprets information from the Triage tests and reports results in printed and electronic format in 15 minutes. With its portability, the Triage MeterPlus provides the convenience of performing these diagnostic tests anywhere in the hospital system.
     Using Biosite’sTriage Census® Plus data-management software, laboratory professionals can access diagnostic information from one central location. This seamless integration of laboratory connectivity enables the capturing of patient results for billing and quality control purposes, ensuring laboratory-quality results wherever testing is performed. Biosite’s Total Triage Solution includes the Triage cardiac panel, the Triage BNP test, Triage profiler symptom panels, the Triage D-Dimer test, Triage TOX drug screens, Triage drugs-of-abuse panels, and Triage microbiology panels.

(888) 245-7483;

 Carolina Liquid Chemistries
(Booth #1360)
Carolina Liquid Chemistries sells and supports bar-coded cartridge reagents for use on Beckman Coulter’s Synchron® CX and LX instruments. The company sells homocysteine reagents with applications for Dade, Beckman, Roche (Hitachi), Olympus, Abbott, and Bayer instruments. As part of its reagent package, Carolina Liquid Chemistries refurbishes and sells used Synchron CX analyzers. The company recently formed an alliance with A&T Corp and is adding laboratory automation, along with the 504X chemistry instrument, to its product portfolio.

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 Carl Zeiss MicroImaging Inc
(Booth #2401)
The Axioskop 40 FL laboratory microscope from Carl Zeiss combines optical quality and mechanical stability of research-class instruments with a user-friendly ergonomic design. The microscope is ideal for routine clinical applications in pathology, histology, cytology, and hematology. In addition, it has numerous applications in fluorescence microscopy, such as immunofluorescence or FISH. The unit also features a new 50mm height adjustable, 20° viewing angle ergonomic binocular/phototube tube and X-Y extendable/friction control ergonomic X-Y stage. The microscope comes standard with a permanently aligned 4000-hr tungsten-halogen light source.

(800) 233-2343; 

 Chemicon International Inc
(Booth #403)
Chemicon International Inc offers a broad range of research products, including specialty reagents, kits, antibodies, and custom products and services for customers working in the areas of neuroscience, stem cell biology, cancer, and infectious disease research. The company also supplies monoclonal antibodies, conjugates, antibody blends, and molecular-based detection kits for use in diagnostic laboratories. Chemicon focuses on basic and biomedical research, drug discovery, and diagnostics, allowing it to serve thousands of customers worldwide in the academic, clinical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sectors. Acquired in 2003, Chemicon is a Serologicals company based in Temecula, Calif.

(800) 437-7500;

 Clinical Laboratory Management Association
(Booth #1766)
CLMA ideaEXCHANGE is a resource for information on the clinical diagnostic industry. Available through a partnership between CLMA and Advisor Research Services, the resource enables vendors to connect with target markets and learn more about the needs and priorities of laboratory professionals. The CLMA ideaEXCHANGE helps companies create and execute studies to share concepts and developments with laboratory leaders, learn what their customers think about their products and services, and discover new opportunities for success. Laboratory professionals share their thoughts and opinions on products and services, learn more about their industry, and discover new information that can be used for benchmarking.

(610) 995-9580;

 Diagnostic Systems Laboratories (DSL) Inc
(Booth #801)
Diagnostic Systems Laboratories (DSL) Inc has announced the availability of its ActiveGLO™ chemiluminescent assays for fertility and reproductive function, fetal well-being, androgen assessment, growth and metabolism, energy homeostasis, and mineral/salt balance. ActiveGLO products offer the precision and specificity of traditional immunoassay techniques with the benefit of improved sensitivity and broader dynamic ranges. Tailored to meet the needs of all laboratories, ActiveGLO assays can run fully automated or manually with DSL’s new modular luminescent system, the LR-100. Focus products include MIS/AMH, PAPP-A, Intact hCG, AFP, Inhibin A, unconjugated estriol, free testosterone, 17_-OH-Progesterone, IGF-I, and IGFBP-3. In addition, DSL offers reference and clinical trial services in its CLIA-certified laboratory.

(800) 231-7970;

 Diagnostic Systems Laboratories (DSL) Inc
(Booth #801)
DSL has made available its ActiveGLO chemiluminescent assays for fertility and reproductive function, fetal wellbeing, androgen assessment, growth and metabolism, energy homeostasis, and mineral/salt balance. ActiveGLO products offer the precision and specificity of traditional immunoassay techniques with the benefits of improved sensitivity and broader dynamic ranges. Tailored to meet the needs of all laboratories, ActiveGLO assays can be automated or run manually with DSL’s new modular luminescent system, the LR-100. Focus products include MIS/AMH, PAPP-A, intact hCG, AFP, inhibin A, unconjugated estriol, free testosterone, 17_-OH-Progesterone, IGF-I, and IGFBP-3.

(800) 231-7970; 

(Booth #1372)
HELMER’S wireless alarm/monitoring system performs advanced remote monitoring of blood products, reagents, and clinical samples. The Web-based system continuously monitors key environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and CO2, along with door alarms and thermocycler applications. It also simplifies compliance by making record-keeping and documentation of corrective actions easier.
     The system provides 24/7 real-time remote alerts. Visual and audible alarms can be delivered by email, pager, and mobile text. Because it is wireless, installation of the system is efficient and cost-effective. There is no need to pull cables or wait for permits.

(800) 743-5637;

 HemoCue Inc
(Booth #2806)
The Hb 201 DM and Glucose 201 DM point-of-care(POC) systems are designed to meet the demands of hospitals. They provide reliable and accurate results to support clinical decisions at the point of care.
     Built-in connectivity enables information to be gathered at the POC and be automatically transferred to a central data manager. A POC coordinator or lab manager can then review, manage, and create customized reports for patient and quality-control results, as well as for operators and analyzers. HemoCue’s open architecture software allows for interfacing information into hospital information systems via third-party POC-connectivity vendors. The whole process is quick; secure; automatic; and follows the new globally approved standard for POCT device communication, POCT1-A, also known as the CIC standard.

(800) 323-1674;

 Iris Diagnostics
(Booth #1839)
The iQ® body fluids module from Iris Diagnostics examines and counts red blood cells and nucleated cells in cerebrospinal fluid and serous fluids with linearity down to zero utilizing the company’s iQ®200 product platform. The iQ module enables a laboratory to analyze other body fluids and urine samples in an automated fashion on the same iQ200 instrument using Iris Diagnostics’ proprietary digital imaging technology.
     By incorporating lysing of red blood cells into the body fluids analysis procedure, the iQ200 provides a quantitative result for red blood cells and nucleated cells. Since the iQ200 takes digital images of all of the particles present, laboratory technicians also can note the presence of bacteria or crystals qualitatively in body fluids. Automated body fluids analysis streamlines workflow and increases laboratory efficiency, allowing technologists to perform other tasks.

(818) 709-1244;

 Luminex Corp
(Booth #2231)
Bringing multiplexing to the clinical market, Luminex Corp licenses bead-based multiplexing technology to companies in clinical diagnostics and biological research. Luminex’s xMAP® technology is used to simultaneously detect multiple analytes within a single sample.
     Demonstrated by nearly 3,000 xMAP®-based systems in laboratories worldwide, the technology is versatile for many applications. The semiautomated system can accommodate both immunoassay and nucleic acid-based tests. As an open system, users can analyze samples using the company’s test kits or build home-brew assays.

(888) 219-8020;

 Nova Biomedical
(Booth #949 and #448)
Nova Biomedical manufactures advanced blood gas, electrolyte, and chemistry analyzers for use in critical care, point of care, STAT, and routine laboratory testing. The company’s Stat Profile® pHOx® and Critical Care Xpress analyzers measure as many as 19 tests, including blood gases, electrolytes, hematology, chemistry, and co-oximetry. They feature fully automated quality control, tankless calibration and a small footprint. Nova electrolyte and chemistry analyzers have a proven track record of fast and reliable performance, and low operating and maintenance costs. The company’point-of-care data manager combines glucose and blood gas/critical care data management. This clinical workstation provides centralized control and review of all remote analyzers and meters, enabling data transfer to all LIS/HIS platforms.

(800) 458-5813;

 Olympus America Inc
(Booth #901)
Olympus AU chemistry-immuno analyzers are designed to optimize laboratory work flow, and they feature a 122-test menu with throughput ranging from 400 to 6,600 tests per hour. The TANGO™ benchtop blood bank analyzer is designed for hospital transfusion services, donor centers, and reference laboratories performing ABO/Rh testing and antibody screening. The OLA2500 laboratory-automation systems are designed for use in medium-volume to high-volume laboratories and sample-processing departments. Available as a high-speed sorter or with an aliquoting module, these automation systems save time and labor, and reduce sample-handling errors. The new Olympus AU3000I™ immunoassay system and AU-CONNECTOR™ workcell also will be previewed at AACC, in addition to the Olympus osYris™, a point-of-care solution that reduces the risks associated with inaccurate patient identification. The Olympus exhibit will feature ergonomically enhanced BX41 and BX45 laboratory microscopes. For research labs, the BX51 and BX61 research microscopes have advanced imaging, ideal UIS2 optics, and Olympus fluorescence innovations. Olympus CX31 and CX41 microscopes for routine clinical and educational applications will be on display, as well as the new DP70 12.5 million-pixel digital camera with NetCam IP addressable camera package.

(800) 223-0125;

 Orchard Software Corp
(Booth #2137)
The Orchard Harvest laboratory information system (LIS) is installed in more than 500 laboratories across the United States, including multisite and multispecialty clinics, hospitals, regional reference labs, public health agencies, and university health centers. To enhance the system’s outreach, the Orchard Harvest Web station provides outside users—such as physicians, clinics, and collection stations—online order entry and results retrieval. Orchard Harvest CT and Orchard Copia are capable of uniting multiple labs under a single, Web-based lab order-management and results-delivery system.

(800) 856-1948; 

 R&D Systems Inc
(Booth #2206)       
R&D Systems Inc manufactures biological products for hematology and biotechnology. The hematology division develops and manufactures whole blood hematology controls, calibrators, linearity, and survey materials for clinical laboratory use. R&D Systems produces more than 45 different products for all major hematology instruments currently available. Monitoring of existing products, as well as validating improvements to products, is conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure that the company is responding to customer needs. R&D’s biotechnology division offers more than 9,000 high-quality reagents for cancer, development, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, protease, and stem cell research in humans, as well as a variety of animal models, including mouse, rat, porcine, canine, chicken, cotton rat, feline, and rhesus macaque. R&D Systems offers a range of product types, including proteins, antibodies, Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), ELISpot, and multiplex assays, as well as products for cell selection and cell culture.

(800) 343-7475; 

 RAM Scientific
(Booth #532)
RAM Scientific’s 100% plastic SAFE-T-FILL® capillary blood-collection tubes are used to collect capillary blood samples from finger and heel sticks. Preassembled with a capillary tube, an attached cap, and a microtube, SAFE-T-FILL capillary blood-collection tubes improve the quality of capillary blood samples by avoiding hemolysis, tissue contamination, and clotting. Hemolysis and tissue contamination are avoided by drawing the blood sample into the microtube through capillary action rather than trying to drop the blood into the microtube by milking or scooping. To prevent clotting, additive in the capillary tube and the microtube allows the blood sample to begin mixing with anticoagulant immediately. SAFE-T-FILL capillary blood-collection tubes come in a wide variety of sizes and additives, and they are compatible with most micro-centrifuges.

(800) 535-6734;

 Roche Diagnostics Corp
(Booth #1801)
The MODULAR® Pre-Analytics Plus system from Roche Diagnostics Corp offers extended sorting functionality for all sample types with the new PSS and FSS modules. For labs that want to in-lab sample types, including hematology and coagulation, the MODULAR Pre-Analytics Plus system offers scalability by adding a presorting module before centrifugation.

A postcentrifugation sample sorter delivers easy transfer of daughter tubes or fast archiving of primary samples. Using multiple trays and 15 operator-definable targets, these modules provide a high level of flexibility. With sorting speeds of 300 tubes per hour, the MODULAR Pre-Analytics Plus system achieves the level of predictability and service delivery needed in today’s fast-paced laboratory.

(800) 428-5074;  

 SCC Soft Computer
(Booth #2655)
Used by large hospitals and independent laboratories, SCC’s system architecture accommodates heavy test volumes and multisite environments without compromising system performance. The company’s flagship LIS solution, SoftLab, offers broad functionality that simplifies complex operating environments where speed, accuracy, and cost are considered.

SoftLab provides quantifiable improvements in work-flow efficiency and cost-per-test reductions in a variety of clinical laboratory environments. The company provides a rules-based system for immediate patient results to the physician in exactly the manner requested. Modules available on a single platform include microbiology, anatomic pathology, blood bank and blood donor, and genetic. SoftLab also supports lab billing, medical-necessity checking, robotics integration, point-of-care testing integration, and Web-enabled outreach.

(800) 763-8352;

 Stanbio Laboratory
(Booth #1725)
The fully automated benchtop SIRRUS® clinical chemistry analyzer from Stanbio Laboratory is capable of performing as many as 400 tests per hour. The company offers a broad menu of ready-to-use, bar-coded, liquid reagents for routine and special chemistries, drugs of abuse, therapeutic drug monitoring, and specific proteins. Additionally, SIRRUS provides the flexibility to configure open-channel applications for any esoteric testing needs.

SIRRUS incorporates three proprietary features to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. Its TORNADO MIXING SYSTEM™ uses air pressure to mix the reagent/sample mixture, avoiding contamination from the use of mechanical stirring devices. Features include the capability to use barcoded primary-sample tubes, auto-rerun, auto-dilution, and STAT interruption.

(866) 782-6246; 

 StatSpin Inc
(Booth #1839)
The need for faster turnaround times and greater throughput can now be met with the new StatSpin Express 3 primary tube centrifuge. The fixed-angle rotor holds as many as eight blood tubes from 1.5 mL to 10.0 mL. The Express 3 can be placed next to any laboratory analyzer for STAT chemistry, cardiac, or coagulation testing. Plasma or serum is obtained in as little as 2 minutes. The system is simple to use, and the small footprint frees up bench space so it can be used at the workstation. Tube inserts are available to accommodate a wide range of tube sizes. The powerful brushless motor is maintenance-free and is backed with a 2-year warranty.

(800) 782-8774;

 Thermo Electron Corp
(Booth #2057)
Thermo Electron Corp’s point-of-care and rapid diagnostics business manufactures and distributes sensitive rapid diagnostic tests for use in clinical reference labs, hospital laboratories, and physician offices. The company’s primary assays are marketed under the OIA and Acceava™ brands. OIA products include CdTOX A OIA™, CHLAMYDIA OIA™, GC (gonorrhea) OIA™, FLU OIA™, FLU OIA™ A/B, RSV OIA™, STREP A OIA MAX™, and STREP B OIA™. Acceava products include Acceava Mono, Acceava Strep A, two formats of Acceava hCG, and new Acceava H.pylori. Also featured is the PocketChem™ UA instrument—a full-range automated urine analyzer that is portable enough to fit in a lab-coat pocket.

(800) 637-3717;

 Vista Technology Inc
(Booth #2942)
The ISOPLATER® 180 from Vista Technology Inc is an automatic petri dish-streaking machine. It loads, streaks, and stacks as many as 180 preinoculated petri dishes per hour. The system increases productivity, improves isolation rates, standardizes streaking procedures, and increases safety through HEPA-filtered personnel protection.

(888) 468-0020;

 Wampole Laboratories LLC
(Booth #817)
The Clearview ULTRA FOB test, which relies on lateral-flow technology, works by directly detecting human hemoglobin in a fecal specimen. The Clearview ULTRA FOB measures occult blood, a surrogate marker for colon cancer. Unlike guaiac-based tests, the Clearview ULTRA FOB test does not require patients to adhere to dietary restriction, and only one sample is necessary. The Clearview ULTRA FOB dipstick test is simple to use and provides results in 5 minutes. Multiple kit and patient configurations are available to meet the needs of hospitals and physician offices.

(800) 257-9525; 

 Wescor Inc
(Booth #2867-69)
Wescor’s new Nanoduct™ neonatal sweat-analysis system is a combination of the company’s Macroduct® and Sweat-Chek® sweat-testing technologies. The systems have been miniaturized to accommodate the tiny limbs of newborn infants. The small size enables simple, fast, and accurate sweat testing to be done on infants during the first days of life. The Nanoduct system’s continuous flow sensor requires a minuscule specimen and monitors real-time electrolyte concentration with advanced resolution. Nanoduct is designed for neonates, yet it can be used on patients of any age.

(800) 453-2725;