Abbott’s, Princeton, NJ, point of care business has obtained exclusive rights to distribute Abaxis‘ Piccolo Xpress portable blood chemistry analyzer and full range of one-time use reagent discs for human health indications in the United S tatesand China (including Hong Kong).

Abaxis retains the rights to distribute the products to its current client, Catapult Health, and to other specified segments including pharmacy and retail store clinics, CROs, shopping malls, and cruise ship lines.

Abaxis’ flagship Piccolo Xpress is a compact, fully automated portable clinical chemistry system designed for onsite patient testing of whole blood, serum, or plasma.

The sample is added directly to a single-use plastic disc that contains the liquid diluent and dry reagents. The disc is then placed in the analyzer, where centrifugal and capillary forces mix the reagents and samples. The process of reaction, analysis, and results generation takes about 12 minutes. The Piccolo Xpress can carry out up to 14 individual tests on human samples, including CLIA-waived lipids, liver enzymes, and glucose monitoring. 

[Source: Abbott]