pn11.jpg (12106 bytes)Diagnostic Chemicals Limited (DCL) has added a single-vial, liquid stable ALT L3K reagent to its broad portfolio of clinical chemistry products. DCL’s ALT L3K reagent exceeds the recently published performance goals recommended by the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry and the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease. DCL’s L3K technology results in an ALT reagent system with uncompromising stability and long-term, reliable performance characteristics. ALT L3K reagent has a 14-month shelf life stability, a reportable range up to 800 U/L, and a small sample-to-reagent ratio; and it is available in a convenient 2- x 125-mL packaging configuration. Additional quality-control materials are also available to fully support the assay. DCL’s ALT L3K reagent is well suited for use with fully automated testing procedures, and a comprehensive list of instrument applications is readily available for a number of chemistry analyzers.

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