Sakura Finetek has launched the new Tissue-Tek® Xpress™ Rapid Tissue Processor, which enables automated tissue processing of 120 specimens per hour. Patented microwave technology and a novel reagent system, combined with proven vacuum infiltration techniques, set this system apart from conventional overnight processors, according to Elise Green, marketing manager for Sakura Finetek USA Inc. Specimens can be loaded into the instrument every 20 minutes. The processor provides standardized results and reduces turnaround time to enable same-day diagnoses.

The Xpress microwave technology uses low wattage to ensure the uniform heating of specimens. In addition, the cylindrical shape, dimensions, and material used in the retort cavities enhance the activity of the Xpress microwaves for a constant, gentle energy distribution. This allows for routine and biopsy specimens to be processed in the same run with complete specimen integrity.

Four onboard reagents, packaged ready-to-use, provide an estimated 80% reagent volume savings. The blend of Xpress reagents does not contain any formalin or xylene; DNA, RNA, and proteins are preserved in the paraffin block. The Xpress processing method is then compatible with molecular pathology techniques.

“This new method of processing represents a revolutionary change for the field of histology,” says Green.