Biohazard Bag
Designed for a workbench
The Terminal® Brand Safe-Keeper™ is a biohazard bag designed to hang on a lab bench wall. Made from sturdy plastic-lined paperboard, the bag is designed with a solid bottom to keep contents from leaking and may be used for capillary tubes, pipette tips, swabs, and other biohazardous waste. The Safe-Keeper can also be autoclaved or incinerated when filled.

Whitney Products Inc
(800) 338-4237;

Benchtop Dispensing Pump
For laboratory applications
Watson-Marlow Bredel has released its new 323Dz pump for high-precision dispensing. Designed with the 313D flip-top pumphead for simple tube loading, the reliable, high-performance 323Dz pump is ideal for laboratory and benchtop applications, such as metering, dosing, and the scale transfer of pharmaceutical products, live cell cultures, nutrients, and bioreactor constituents. The 323Dz provides manually adjustable speeds of 2 to 400 rpm, with flow rates ranging from 0.06 mL/min to 2,000 mL/min, resulting in a dosing capability of 100 mL in less than 3 seconds. Designed with menu-driven calibration, the 323Dz allows for midbatch calibration any time during the pumping process. To reduce splashing and further improve accuracy, the 323Dz pump is available with ramp-up and ramp-down speeds and a nondrip function. Also equipped with a maintenance-free brushless DC motor, the 323Dz brings superior durability and reliability to the dispensing market. For fast, error-free tube loading, the 313D pumphead uses clamps and stretch tube location, and is compatible with five-tube bore sizes. The 323Dz can also be used with Waston-Marlow Bredel’s 314D pumphead, which offers increased accuracy and low pulsation. For ultimate flexibility, both pumpheads can be ganged up to six additional pumpheads for multiple channel flows. Additionally, under maximum speed and tube bore size, the pump’s microprocessor control ensures optimum performance and accuracy within +/- 1%. Watson-Marlow Bredel’s 323Dz pump features a light, stackable, and ultracompact design for space savings even under a fume hood. Designed for operation flexibility, the 323Dz can dispense by key press, remote foot switch, or hand switch, enabling single-shot batch dispensing without repeat finger operation. Also, the pump features a large, clear LCD display for accurate readability and on-screen set-up and operation assistance. For easy cleaning, the pump is housed in a small, chemically resistant case with a wipe-down keypad and smooth contour surfaces. Every Watson-Marlow Bredel peristaltic pump is an inherent metering pump with repeatability at 99.5%. Many models include integral digital drives and displays in washdown enclosures. These self-priming pumps accommodate flow rates from 0.1 µL to 400 gpm, and are extremely durable, withstanding pressures of up to 230 psi. There are no internal universal joints, valves, dead corners, or glands to impede flow, and these pumps are reversible for back flushing lines. They can also run dry indefinitely without damage and provide up to a 30-foot suction lift.

Watson-Marlow Bredel
(800) 282-8823;

Whole-blood hemostasis system
From Biodis and its US distributor, Diagnostica Stago Inc, the ROTEM® whole-blood Hemostasis system is now available. The ROTEM is based on the principles of rotational thromboelastometry, whereby the viscoelastic properties of clotting whole blood are measured and recorded. The results are displayed in real time as a temogram, a graphical representation of the characteristics of the clotting blood. The unit is a compact analyzer that is capable of a stat whole-blood hemostasis evaluation for surgical or hemostatic bleeding.

Diagnostica Stago Inc
(800) ABC-COAG;

Pipette Interface
New template works with Microsoft Excel
A new interface is now available from Labtronics Inc to connect with a multichannel pipette-calibration balance system used for pipette calibrations with the Pipette Tracker and Pipette Tracker Pro through Collect XL software. Collect XL software is able to connect multiple RS232 interfaces directly to the same Microsoft Excel® sheet simultaneously. A special Excel template was created for this application to reorganize the readings according to what Pipette Tracker expects. Within Pipette Tracker, the calibration that was run on the multichannel balance system can be started as usual. By using a new interface from Pipette Tracker’s run-time calibration window to Excel, the reorganized weight readings are stored within the Collect XL Excel method template and transferred directly to the calibration window, which applies the appropriate environmental Z-factor, tolerance limits, and method pass/fail criteria to each weight reading as it is transferred in.

Labtronics Inc
(519) 767-1061;

Calibrated Automated Thrombogram
To test platelet-rich or platelet-poor plasma
Biodis and its United States distributor, Diagnostica Stago Inc, have developed the Calibrated Automated Thrombogram® (CAT) method. The CAT method uses a fluorogenic substrate in an automated platform to measure the initiation, burst, and subsequent inactivation of Thrombin in clotting plasma. The CAT can test either platelet-rich or platelet-poor plasma, eliminating the need to defibrinate plasma and the potential sample-specific interferences through the use of a unique thrombin calibrator.

Diagnostica Stago Inc
(800) ABC-COAG;

Clinical Study-Management Software
New features for LabPas CT
LabPas CT from Green Mountain Logic has added formulary accountability, recruitment, clinical lab, and EDC components to its software for the management of Phase 1 clinical studies. LabPas CT deploys PDAs on clinic floors to scan patient and collection-vessel bar codes/RFIDs. It provides real-time electronic data entry for collection times, comments, dosing, vital signs, and adverse events. LabPas CT 2.5 can adapt to individual study environments and changing protocols. The new formulary accountability feature allows users to track and manage the entire formulary supply chain, including accountability distribution, reconciliation, returns, and destruction. For test-subject recruitment, the software manages volunteer information, including biometrics and clinical results, scheduling, and study assignment for development of study-specific questionnaires and facilitating searches based on user-defined selection criteria. The new version also provides comprehensive study-centric LIMS functionality for clinical labs. Other features allow managers to integrate clinical results into the study database, provide test ranges for test limits, give study-qualification and clinical alerts, and interface with standard lab instrumentation. In addition, the software can export the study data to a variety of formats for the creation of eCRFs. LabPas CT uses a Web interface and intuitive navigation with bar code/RFID scanning that helps eliminate errors, track samples, increase throughput, and support compliance. The program also supports compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GCP, and GLP. The software’s manufacturer, Green Mountain Logic, is in compliance with FDA guidance for the development of high-risk software systems and for development of Class 2 medical devices.

Green Mountain Logic
(866) LABPAS;

New Version of Nexxis
No software required
Labtronics Inc recently released Nexxis version 3. Nexxis is an application-development platform for secured, Web-based laboratory data-management solutions. The new release can be used as a fully functional Web client that requires no software to be loaded onto workstations. Using Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, users can access and process all of their laboratory procedures. Nexxis combines an application-development tool for creating laboratory solutions with a scalable laboratory platform to deploy, manage, and execute these applications.

Labtronics Inc
(519) 767-1061;

Automated Hemoglobin A1c (Hb A1c)
New monoclonal antibody assay for chemistry analyzers
Equal Diagnostics Inc has released a new Hb A1c assay, suitable for most clinical chemistry analyzers. The monoclonal antibody methodology uses a competitive binding principle, eliminating the need for the use of two assays and subsequent calculations to determine Hb A1c percentages. Only one channel is required. Liquid, stable reagents provide for minimal preparation. The Hb A1c assay includes a reagent set, a calibrator set, and a control set.

Equal Diagnostics Inc
(800) 999-6578;

Nonlatex Surgical Glove
Designed as an underglove
Cardinal Health Inc is now manufacturing its Esteem® Blue Surgical Glove with Neu-Thera™, a synthetic glove designed for use as an underglove when double gloving. Earlier this year, the company launched a latex version of the glove called Protegrity Blue with Neu-Thera™. The Esteem Blue with Neu-Thera is made from a polyisoprene formulation that is structurally similar to natural rubber latex. It has the fit and feel of latex, without any of the proteins associated with allergic reactions. Its Neu-Thera emollient coating is clinically proven to improve the health of clinicians’ skin. The glove was designed for comfort, enhanced tactile sensitivity, and outer-glove donnability.

Cardinal Health Inc
(888) 444-5440;

New 17,000 and 21,000 x g versions
Thermo Electron Corp is now offering the latest versions of Heraeus® Pico™ and Fresco™ microcentrifuges. Designed to cover a broad spectrum of life-science research areas, the new models have higher speeds, improved safety, an enhanced user interface, and an expanded rotor set. The new features are present on four new models: the ventilated Heraeus Pico, available in a 17,000 x g version; a new 21,000 x g version; and on the refrigerated Heraeus Fresco, also available in both 17,000 x g and 21,000 x g models. The new microcentrifuges provide a wide range of high-capacity rotors available for their size, supporting sample formats ranging from hematocrit tubes to open mini-preps. The “click-close” bio-containment lid system helps ensure user safety. The new units also have a large digital display. For increased throughput, the Heraeus Pico and Fresco microcentrifuges provide rapid acceleration and deceleration rates on all models. The rotor set includes a new 18-place dual-row rotor that accepts 2.0-mL and 0.5-mL tubes. Corrosion-resistant rotor materials can be autoclaved and cleaned repeatedly.

Delicate samples can be spun on all models. For precise temperature control, the Heraeus Fresco 17 and Heraeus Fresco 21 feature refrigeration systems that maintain temperatures between -9°C and +40°C in 1°C increments.

Thermo Electron Corp
(866) 984-3766;

Management Software
New version of Powerway
Powerway Inc has released Powerway V3, its latest version of management software that includes several new features for the manufacturing supply chain. The release has an improved user interface and workflows. A short video on the company’s Web site explains the new features in more detail. Powerway has also announced that it will provide its document-control, quality solutions, engineering advantage, and factory floor-performance products free of charge. Companies that participate in the limited-time offer will be required to purchase an 18-month service contract.

Powerway Inc
(800) 964-9004;

Tubing-Connector Kit
Includes 28 popular fittings handles and connections
Scienceware® has released a selection of 28 popular fittings handles and laboratory tubing connections. In addition to “Y,” “T,” and straight connectors, the assortment contains clamps for flow-control and quick-disconnect fittings for configuration changes. Fittings are compatible for tubing with internal diameters varying from 4.7 to 12.7 mm (3¼16 to 1¼2 inch). Quick-disconnect fittings are molded from polyethylene. All other fittings are molded of autoclavable, 121°C (250°F) polypropylene. A clear polypropylene storage box organizes all pieces. The kit includes five straight connectors, four stepped fittings, eight bifurcated (“Y”) fittings, four “T” connectors, five quick-disconnect fittings, and two tubing clamps.

Bel-Art Products
(800) 4BELART;

Homocysteine Reagent Kit
Automated reagent for clinical chemistry analyzers
Equal Diagnostics Inc has introduced a new automated homocysteine reagent kit for use on most clinical chemistry analyzers. The kit requires no reagent or sample pretreatment, and offers two-point calibration and a low per-test cost. It can also be run with other lipid tests and provides 30-day onboard stability.

Equal Diagnostics Inc
(800) 999-6578;

Drug-Testing System
New benchtop platform
Axela Biosensors Inc has begun distribution of its new dotLab System, a benchtop platform for protein characterization and biomolecular-interaction monitoring. The system accelerates immunoassay development and is able to contribute at each stage of the process, including reagent characterization, antibody pairing, and cross-reactivity studies. The dotLab System also enables routine immunoassay testing. Analysis is performed on dotLab Sensors, which use Axela’s core diffractive optics technology (dot™). This biosensor uses a combination of grating-based light-diffraction and immobilized-capture surfaces. This combination produces a technique for the detection of molecular binding events without the use of fluorescent labels. Because the system’s illumination and detection beams never pass through the sample, the technology can be used for the detection of proteins in complex biological samples. The system has the ability to detect low-abundance proteins, such as cell lysates, serum, plasma, or blood, directly in samples. A variety of dotLab Sensor surfaces, including Avidin, Protein G, Goat anti-mouse Fc, and Amine-reactive surfaces, are available to provide broad application coverage. Axela is also developing additional immobilization chemistries and multiplex-format sensors.

Axela Biosensors Inc

Diagnostic Reagent Catalog
Kamiya’s complete product line now available
Kamiya Biomedical Co has released a new diagnostic reagent catalog. The catalog contains a complete product line of open-channel immunoassay reagents, calibrators, and controls for chemistry analyzers.

Kamiya Biomedical Co
(206) 575-8068;

Microbiology and Bacterial-Detection Products
Several new kits offered
Polysciences Inc has developed a series of products for microbiological and bacterial-detection applications. Included in this product-line expansion are eight new rapid bacterial-detection strip kits that allow for colorimetric determinations of the presence of eight different types of common microbes. Five new Microring® rapid tests use specific growth factors in the kit to identify different microorganisms. Each Microring contains three separate detection tips that are labeled to allow for multiple bacterial-determination tests to be completed in one procedure. Microbial species, including haemophilus, nonsporing anaerobes, gram-positive cocci, yeasts, and gardnerella vaginalis, are identifiable using these test rings. The Polysciences Web site has more information regarding these and other new kits being introduced.

Polysciences Inc
(800) 523-2575;

Conductivity Standard
NIST and NIST method traceable
Aurical Co has developed an addition to its line of Ultra Low Level Calibration Standards. The level of this new standard is 0.5 µs/cm, which is below the acceptance criterion level of 1.3 µs/cm for purified water and water for injection (WFI). Used in conjunction with Aurical’s existing 1.0 µs/cm standard, the new 0.5 µs/cm standard allows users to substantiate low-level water-conductivity measurements. The company’s new standard at 0.5 µs/cm, and the 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, and 10.0 µs/cm standards already available, permit bracketing the test results above and below the criterion point for purified water and WFI release. Quality certificates are available for all lots, lot by lot. These standards may be used for performance-challenge samples to validate calibration, monitoring, and operation of water-purification systems. These standards are shipped in a stand-up pouch, which is fabricated from a structural layer on the outside, followed by a layer of aluminum foil that creates a gas barrier. Inside is an inert sealing layer. The Pouch spout is equipped with a one-way valve preventing contamination with ambient gases. Each pouch contains enough material to fill more than 12 40-mL vials for low cost-per-use and repetitive testing with the very same material.

Aurical Co
(800) 615-8870;

Centrifuge Packages
Developed for urinalysis applications
The U-Spin 1 and U-Spin 2 centrifuge packages are now available from HELMER Inc. Both packages were developed for urinalysis applications and can spin 15 mL conical and Kova® tubes. The U-Spin 1 package features the Hettich Rotofix 32A centrifuge, which offers simple programming and a brushless drive. The U-Spin 2 package features the Universal 320 centrifuge, which provides additional programming and automatic lid opening and closing by pressing a button. Both centrifuge packages include a four-place swing-out rotor, buckets, and inserts. Additional inserts are available for spinning 13- x 65-mm Kova tubes. The Universal 320 and Rotofix 32A centrifuges feature automatic rotor identification to ensure proper rotor usage. Additional features include lid-lock and hold, programmable run times, programmable RPM, and digitally precise speed and timer with touch-pad control panel.

(800) 743-5637;

Product Catalog
Remote monitors and alarm-notification systems
The new product catalog from Sensaphone Inc offers the latest information on the entire Sensaphone product line and accessories, including the recently introduced Sensaphone 1400 and Sensaphone 1800 remote monitors and alarm-notification systems. Sensaphone remote systems monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, power, humidity, or water on the floor. When dangerous conditions occur, the Sensaphone system issues an alarm notification so action can be taken to avoid damage. The new catalog offers details on all Sensaphone products, including total inputs and outputs, notification capabilities, and built-in and special features. Also included is an article that offers expert advice on selecting the best Sensaphone monitor for specific applications.

Sensaphone Inc
(877) 373-2700;

New Real-Time PCR Reagents
Detect sequences associated with Bordetella
Nanogen Inc is now producing MGB Alert™ real-time PCR reagents that are designed to assist laboratories in developing tests that can detect sequences associated with varicella-zoster virus (VZV, also called Human Herpesvirus 3) and Bordetella bacteria. Diagnosis by real-time PCR is possible within a few hours, compared to traditional culture methods that may take longer. PCR tests are also regarded as more accurate and sensitive than currently available direct immunofluorescent assays. MGB Alert products use patented detection chemistry that enables laboratories to develop multiple assays with universal parameters. The super bases (Super A™, Super T™, Super G™, and Super N™) and MGB technology allow the use of shorter probes with increased sensitivity to mismatches.

Nanogen Inc
(877) NANOGEN;

Microscope Objectives
Provide automatic light balancing for clinical applications
Olympus America Inc has released the CY series of UIS2 plan achromat microscope objectives designed for clinical laboratory and examination work. The CY objectives have built-in neutral-density filters for light balancing, so the user can switch from high to low magnification without adjusting the light source. This feature provides automatic homogeneous brightness and constant color temperature during the changing of the objectives. Users can set the correct microscope-illumination intensity for the 40x magnification level. Each of the CY objectives, available for 20x, 10x, 4x, and 2x magnifications, is then automatically balanced for the correct light intensity without further adjustment. The light source can be kept at a standard intensity while switching from 40x all the way down to the 2x objective. The CY objectives ensure field flatness up to field number (FN) 22 with brightfield observation in transmitted light. In addition, the new objectives are suited for digital imaging in the pathology suite and for others doing routine documentation. With the light balanced among the various intensities, the camera can properly expose images more quickly when switching magnifications for photography.

Olympus America Inc
(800) 455-8236;

Microplate Reader
Reads up to 1536-well plates
Thermo Electron Corp has introduced the Varioskan® Flash microplate reader. The Varioskan Flash is a spectral scanning multimode reader with fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence, photometric, and luminometric detection technologies. It provides for unlimited wavelength selection, up to three onboard dispensers, and includes advanced SkanIt® Software. Varioskan Flash has been designed for automated systems, with the capability to read up to 1536-well plates. The performance of Varioskan Flash is achieved with optimized optics. In luminometry, for example, Varioskan Flash has two optical-detection systems. Dedicated luminometric optics have been designed for the sensitive measurement of any assay, including multilabel assays requiring wavelength selection. The monochromator optics enable rapid assay optimization with the capacity to study luminometric spectra. Varioskan Flash can also be fitted with up to three onboard dispensers. For rapid assays, such as flash luminometry and Ca2+ flux, the instrument supports simultaneous dispensing and reading, enabling monitoring of kinetic measurements from the start of the reaction. For the execution of sequential multistep assays, it has the ability to add reagents in any order or in any phase of a kinetic assay. Temperature-sensitive assays may benefit from the onboard incubator, which maintains the exact temperature for the reaction and prevents the build-up of condensation on microplate lids, ensuring optical clarity. Varioskan Flash is controlled by SkanIt Software for the management of assay setup, data-reduction, and report formatting. It also offers features needed for compliance with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11.

Thermo Electron Corp
44 (0)-1256-347614;

Analyte-Specific Reagents
For Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Chlamydophila pneumoniae
bioMérieux has launched its analyte-specific reagents (ASRs) for Mycoplasma (M.) pneumoniae and Chlamydophila (Chlamydia, or C.) pneumoniae. Each NucliSENS® ASR contains a primer/probe mix designed for individual pathogen amplification and detection using bioMérieux’s proprietary Nucleic Acid Sequence-based Amplification (NASBA®) combined with molecular beacon technology. CLIA high-complexity laboratories can incorporate these reagents into in-house-developed molecular-based tests for these atypical bacterial pneumonia pathogens. The product is designed to detect 16S ribosomal RNA sequences for M. pneumoniae and C. pneumoniae. NASBA is an isothermal nucleic-acid-amplification method valued for its ability to amplify directly from RNA sequences, while operating at a uniform and consistent incubation temperature. Rapid signal takes place using molecular beacon probes for detection of target amplicons as they are generated in a closed-tube amplification reaction. Other NucliSENS real-time ASRs available from bioMérieux include those for Human Metapneumovirus, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, and Enterovirus. bioMérieux’s analyte specific reagents require a fluorescent reader that can detect the fluorescent dyes ROX and FAM.

(800) 682-2666;

Rotary Switches
Designed to meet RoHS directive
APEM Components Inc has released its new P36 series, RoHS-compliant, DIP-coded rotary switches. The P36 series comes in a compact, 7.4-mm square package, designed to save PCB space. Typical applications include security systems, laboratory instrumentation, telecommunications equipment, and computer peripherals. APEM’s P36 series DIP-coded rotaries are available in SMT and through-hole configurations and are process sealed to ensure reliable operation. The switches are available in 10 and 16 positions in four output-code configurations: BCD, BCD complement, hexadecimal, and hexadecimal complement. DIP rotary switches also feature three actuator styles: screwdriver, spindle, and slotted spindle. They are designed to meet the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) Directive (2002/95/EC). The P36 series is compatible with high-temperature, lead-free surface mount processing.

APEM Components Inc
(978) 372-1602;

Rapid Urinary Screening
Tests for Pneumococcal pneumonia and Legionella
Inverness Medical Inc has released two established rapid urinary tests that can provide information aiding in the diagnosis of Streptococcus (S.) pneumoniae and Legionella (Serogroup 1, the cause of more than 80% of Legionnaires diseases cases). The Binax NOW® Streptococcus pneumoniae Antigen Test can provide health care professionals with an accurate indication of an atypical pneumonia in 15 minutes. The Binax Now Legionella Urinary Antigen Test can also be used if an initial test confirms that S. pneumoniae is not present. Incidence of Legionnaires Disease is widely believed to be underreported, because few hospitals routinely test for the disease. Bacterial carbohydrates from patients with S. pneumoniae and patients with Legionella are present in urine samples and can be accurately detected using Binax Now kits. The tests require minimal formal training for clinical or laboratory staff to administer and perform correctly. Binax Now tests are rapid immunochromatographic tests that detect specific analyses in clinical specimens using a patented card device.

Inverness Medical Inc
(781) 647 3900;

Coagulation Analyzer
Designed for high-volume laboratories
Dade Behring Inc is now manufacturing the BCS® XP System coagulation analyzer, designed for high-volume coagulation laboratories. The BCS XP System provides current technology in clotting, chromogenic, and immunologic methodologies. Its new features include customizable software, based on customer protocols, and the automated Endogenous Thrombin Potential test, currently for research use only. The new model also features an automated ristocetin cofactor activity test that detects Von Willebrand disease, the most common inherited bleeding disorder.

Dade Behring Inc
(800) 242-3233;

ULS Amplification and Labeling Kits
For specific use on Agilent microarrays
Kreatech Biotechnology is expanding its gene expression product line to incorporate ULS amplification and labeling kits for specific use on Agilent microarrays for all of Kreatech’s current aRNA labeling kits and RNA ampULSe amplification and labeling kits.  The new formats are aimed at providing more specific kit formulations to Agilent® platform customers.  In addition, Kreatech has made available one-color formats with either Cy3 or Cy5, offering additional options to the user. While the kits are formatted for convenient use on Agilent microarrays, ULS is platform independent and will work on all fluorescent platforms.

Kreatech Biotechnology BV  
(888) 412-2225;

Thyroid Immunoassay
Menu with new thyroperoxidase antibody (TPOAb) assay
Beckman Coulter Inc has expanded the thyroid menu on its Access® family of immunoassay systems with the release of an assay for the quantitative determination of thyroperoxidase antibody (TPOAb) levels in human serum and plasma. With the release of TPOAb, the company now offers hospitals and reference laboratories a complete menu of automated thyroid tests on one platform. The new assay enables rapid, accurate reporting of TPOAb results that aid in the diagnosis of autoimmune thyroid disease, such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease. The measurement of TPOAb levels helps physicians to differentiate thyroid autoimmune disorders from nonautoimmune goiter or hypothyroidism. The new test can be performed using serum or heparinized plasma, and requires a sample volume of only 10 µL—the smallest sample-volume requirement of any automated TPOAb assay on the market. The ready-to-use liquid reagent features an analytical sensitivity of 0.25 IU/mL and total imprecision of less than 12% of the coefficient of variation (CV) at TPOAb concentrations greater than or equal to 0.6 IU/mL. This assay delivers a “time to first result” of approximately 30 minutes and offers 56-day calibration and open-pack stability. Additional assay characteristics include the use of recombinant human TPO—which eliminates contamination from other thyroid antigens for more accurate results—and standardization to WHO 66/387 for confidence in results.

Beckman Coulter Inc
(800) 352-3433;

Assay for Luminex xMAP Platform
Measures cytokines, chemokines, and growth  factors
The BioSource division of Invitrogen now offers more than 80 kits for use with the Luminex® xMAP system to allow for multiplexing of markers within a given species (human, mouse, rat, and monkey).  The products are sold as individual analyte-specific Antibody Bead Kits that are multiplex-ready, or as a premixed panel, using either antibody-bead or DNA-bead conjugates.  Invitrogen is now adding the BioSource™ human 30-plex Assay to its Luminex xMAP platform.  The assay measures cytokines, chemokines, and growth  factors in a 50 mL sample of serum, plasma, or cell culture supernatant.

Invitrogen Inc
(800) 955-6288;

Water-Validation and Quality Services
For the Elix clinical water-purification systems
Millipore Corp is now providing validation and qualification services for the Elix® clinical water-purification systems. Recently, the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute issued a new guideline for “Preparation and Testing of Reagent Water in the Clinical Laboratory” that addressed the merits and importance of validation for water-purification systems. Specifically designed to meet this need, Millipore’s validation service monitors the purification system, ensuring that it has been installed and that it is operating according to predetermined specifications. Validation and qualification services for Millipore’s Analyzer Feed Systems for clinical labs will also be available in the near future. In addition to developing qualification protocols to address the specific requirements of the validation process, Millipore has designed specialized tools that facilitate the process.

Millipore Corp

Stainless-Steel Tools
For handling small samples
Six, double-ended tools offer 12 microsize spoons and spatulas, each with a different shape to allow accurate handling of small quantities of materials. Tool ends include two small spoons for transferring and collecting both dry and liquid material. Eight flat spatulas have various widths and lengths, which are ideal for mixing, scraping and spreading; two are rounded for working in test tubes. Two different v-shaped spatulas can be used for lifting or spill-free carrying of material. Included blunt-tip tweezers have serrated inside surfaces for secure sample handling and grooved handles for better gripping. All tools are polished stainless steel for long life and easy cleaning and can be steam autoclaved, 121°C (250°F). A carrying case is provided to protect and organize the tools when they are not in use.

Bel-Art Products
(800) 4BELART;

Power Management Software
Control and monitoring for critical power infrastructure
MGE UPS Systems has released an enhanced version of its Enterprise Power Manager (EPM) software that provides detailed control and monitoring for critical power infrastructure. Enterprise Power Manager v2.0 supervisory software is designed for managing networked power devices such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs). EPM aids in the security and manageability of power systems by giving administrators an overall, consolidated view of the main operating parameters of all its UPS systems and key power components. EPM2 can carry out a scan for all UPSs from MGE as well as other suppliers supporting the standard UPS MIB. The user is then presented with a layout that can be configured according to the type of UPS, location, operating status, and other parameters. The new EPM release features a representation mode that allows users to create their own customized electrical supervision diagrams with a Web browser using icons or standard electrical symbols to show each connected device. Clicking on an icon in the layout shows detailed information about the operating and configuration parameters in a dedicated window. The new release also monitors an expanded list of devices, including source transfer switches and static switch cabinets used in large power-system configurations from MGE. EPM uses secure sockets layer (SSL) and several levels of password protection for various types of users. IT systems with servers hosting MGE’s new Network Shutdown Module v3.0 can be monitored to manage power dependency with their attached UPSs. The software is available now in a free five-node version that can be downloaded from the company’s Web site. This version can also be used to evaluate the software for more extensive network use before purchasing versions for 50 or an unlimited number of devices.

MGE UPS Systems
(800) 523-0142; [removed][removed][/removed][/removed]

Microcoagulation System
For in-office or home monitoring of prothrombin
ITC Inc has announced that its new-generation ProTime microcoagulation system for in-office or home monitoring of prothrombin time is now available. The new ProTime system has several new instrument and software features. The software has been updated to include the ability to auto-send results to a printer or computer. Results can also be transmitted to a laboratory information system or electronic medical record database through a clinical interface.

(800) 631-5945;