Seripettor Pro

Solvent and acid dispenser

The Seripettor Pro from BrandTech Scientific Inc, Essex, Conn, provides broad chemical application in an economical wiping seal dispenser. It safely handles many acids, bases, and solvents with one-handed operation. Design helps protect light-sensitive reagents. Easily replaceable piston/cylinder cartridges work well for crystallizing media.

BrandTech Scientific Inc
(888) 522-2726

ThermalSeal RT2RR

Polyester sealing film

Excel Scientific, Wrightwood, Calif, has developed a new 50-µm polyester sealing film designed for real-time PCR. ThermalSeal RT2RR is sized to fit within the edges of raised-rim, 96-well plates. It has the consistent ultrahigh optical clarity of Excel’s ThermalSeal RT films for more reproducible, reliable, and consistent DNA amplification measurements. An inert, strong, temperature-resistant adhesive ensures reliable sealing around each well, and two end tabs assist in positioning the film. Easy removal of the end tabs at perforated boundaries prevents lifting and higher evaporation rates that can occur with films that overlap the plate rim. The film is recommended for specific DNA sequence detection in clinical diagnostics, forensic science, and basic research.

Excel Scientific Inc
(760) 249-6371;


High-capacity chilling/heating dry baths

Torrey Pines Scientific Inc, San Marcos, Calif, has announced its new EchoTherm High Capacity Chilling/Heating Dry Baths. These units are capable of handling a large variety of sample blocks. The IC30 (-10° C to 100° C) and IC30XT (-20° C to 100° C) can freeze, chill, or heat samples in a variety of sample blocks. Blocks are available to hold 0.5-ml to 50-ml centrifuge tubes, test tubes, vials, assay plates, and even round-bottom flasks. The units can freeze, chill, or heat 64 1.5-ml centrifuge tubes, nine 50-ml centrifuge tubes, and even four 250-ml flasks. The IC30s are Peltier driven and have digital display and control to 1°C, 30-day countdown timer in hours/minutes/seconds, data logger, and RS232 I/O port to collect data or to control the units by computer. The units are UL, CSA, and CE compliant.

Torrey Pines Scientific Inc
(866) 573-9104;

TIRF Illuminator

Compatible with a variety of lasers

Olympus, Center Valley, Pa, has introduced its latest innovation for objective-based total internal reflectance fluorescence (TIRF)—a new multicolor, multi-angle illuminator that allows simultaneous multichannel laser TIRF illumination. The TIRF illuminator allows up to three discrete laser lines to be used simultaneously for illumination, each with its own critical angle. In TIRF, the light’s angle of incidence dictates how deeply the evanescent wave penetrates into tissue, and lasers of different wavelengths require varying angles to operate at their peak. In comparison with other TIRF systems—where laser light of various wavelengths passes through a single fiber, necessitating switching lasers and adjusting the critical angle to achieve maximum performance—the Olympus illuminator employs three separate fibers to maximize results. It is also easier to operate, since the lasers are adjusted once, at the beginning of the experiment, and do not need to be adjusted again. The TIRF illuminator is compatible with a wide variety of common gas and diode lasers, including the widely used 405nm diode laser.

Olympus America Inc
(800) 455-8236;

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