Texan Reagent Reservoir

Available sterile or nonsterile

Excel Scientific, Wrightwood, Calif, has announced that the Texan Reagent Reservoir is available for immediate delivery. The basic design of the Texan’s large V-shaped basin is compatible with both eight-channel and twelve-channel multiwell pipettors. Improvements include volume graduations that are extended to 150 mL, a more rigid base that avoids spills by not wobbling, an easy-open latch that can be manipulated with one hand, and increased clarity for reagent visibility. Texan reservoirs are available sterile or nonsterile, with or without the hinged protective cover.

Excel Scientific Inc
(760) 249-6371; www.excelscientific.com

Benchtop Systems

Combines software and hardware

Symyx Technologies Inc, Santa Clara, Calif, has announced the release of Benchtop Systems, a self-contained, software-driven system for automating multiple steps of experimental procedures. Benchtop Systems increase testing capacity by 10 to 100 times and free scientists from labor-intensive, repetitive work. The system automates multiple steps of experimental procedures and comes with standard configurations and applications designed to accelerate R&D while reducing costs. The system provides a self-contained station and standard hardware and software configurations to carry out multiple steps of discrete experimental procedures. It uses the hardware framework of the Symyx Core Module Robotic Base Station. Benchtop Systems include miniaturized materials-preparation capabilities (dual dispensing capabilities for both liquids and powder), sample-processing capabilities (heating, cooling, mixing, and filtration), and sample-analysis capabilities (weights, pH, imaging)—all combined with automated instrument control.

Symyx Technologies Inc
(408) 764-2000; www.symyx.com


Reagents Enable Genotyping

Nanogen introduces kits for investigating the effects of mutations in genes. These reagents enable genotyping of the CYP2C9*2 (C430T), *3 (A1075C), *5 (C1080G), *6 (818delA), and *11 (C1003T) alleles, as well as the VKORC1*2 (-1639 G>A) allele.

With the flexible, automated NanoChip 400 system, users can perform genotyping, and can develop additional multiplexed pharmacogenetic assays, on a single platform. Nanogen’s electronic microarray technology enables labs to examine multiple genotypes across multiple samples simultaneously.

Features of the kit include: single multiplexed amplification reaction; automated sample dilution and genotyping; electronically driven hybridization (2 minutes/sample); fluorescence-labeled reporters for two- color detection; simple data analysis tools for easy interpretation of results; genotype up to 78 samples in a single run; and genotype fewer samples across multiple runs.

Nanogen Inc
(877) 626-6436; www.nanogen.com

Bar-coded Reagents

for Olympus AU400, AU640, AU2700, and AU5400

Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Brea, Calif, is known for 10 years of experience in providing a complete line of bar-coded, reagents for use on Beckman Synchron instruments. The company has expanded its product line by introducing a line of pre-filled, liquid ready-to-use, bar-coded reagents for use on Olympus Chemistry Analyzers AU400, AU640, AU2700 and AU5400 with 30-day on-board stability.

The Carolina Olympus reagents are bar-coded to allow use of within-lot calibration, tracking reagent position, tracking expiration dates, and lot numbers. Carolina offers a menu of 60 reagents, including drugs of abuse. Oxycodone is available. Features and benefits of the Carolina product include: a CO2 with 14-day calibration stability, enzymes that do not require daily blank, Denka-Seiken Lp(a), a single-channel HbA1C, and a lithium reagent. Also available is a complete line of multicalibrators and controls.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries
(800) 471-7272; www.carolinachemistries.com

ImmunoCard STAT

Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia antigens

Meridian Bioscience Inc, Cincinnati, a manufacturer of microbiology and serology products, has announced the availability of ImmunoCard STAT. Cryptosporidium Giardia lamblia. The test is a rapid immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Cryptosporidium parvum–specific and Giardia lamblia–specific antigens in aqueous extracts of fecal specimens. It is intended for in vitro diagnostic use by professional laboratories as an aid in the detection of suspected infections. A simple 10-minute test format produces definitive results that are easily interpreted, and the results are simultaneously differentiated between two organisms with one assay test.

Meridian Bioscience Inc
(513) 271-3700; www.meridianbioscience.com