photoChemsure is a serum chemistry control with 80 serum analytes.
     This product is an unassayed three-level control designed for most major immunochemistry analyzers such as the Abbott (AxSYM, IMX and TDx); Beckman Synchron; Dade (ACA, Dimension); J&J Ortho Vitros; the Olympus AU400, 600, 800, 5200; Roche Cobas (Fara, Cobas Mira, Hitachi and Integra).
     It has a 21-day open and 60-day unopened vial stability when stored at 2-8ÞC with a three-year frozen stability. Serum analytes included are basic chemistries, glucose and liver enzymes.
     The product is a human serum-based matrix and is supplied in three levels, 15mL fill, ten per box. This company’s special packaging provides plastic squeeze bottles for easy dispensing. A comparable database QC program, Quantrol, is available for Chemsure.
Quantimetrix Corp.
Keyword: control, chemistry