Carolina_Liquid_Chemistries_CLC720 300The first direct vitamin D test from Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Winston-Salem, NC, produces a result in less than 20 minutes without requiring manual pretreatment of the specimen or reagent. Available only on the company’s CLC720 general chemistry analyzer, this FDA-cleared, homogenous immunoassay measures total 25-hydroxy vitamin D (the sum of both D2 and D3) and eliminates inaccurate results caused by matrix effects. Unlike microtiter plate tests, which run in batch and require 2 to 7 hours for completion, tests run on the CLC720 can be completed in random access mode alongside other assays, eliminating the need for batch testing. The CLC720 can accommodate up to 400 vitamin D tests per hour. The test is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s latest reference material. For more information, visit Carolina Liquid Chemistries.