The Glyca-Direct ultra sensitive enzyme technology for the quantitation of fructosamine in serum allows the user to incorporate the advantage of performing fructosamine directly on their chemistry analyzer without sacrificing sensitivity. This new enzyme method has excellent correlation with the overnight HPLC furosine reference method, and a coefficient of correlation of .990.
     Fructosamine will give an accurate measurement of glycated serum protein which reflects exposure of the patient to blood glucose concentrations over the preceding 2-3 weeks. This shorter time frame, as compared to Hemoglobin A1C, may be of particular value in monitoring diabetic control in clinical situations such as gestational diabetes, changing drug therapy and managing anemias and hemoglobin variants. Physicians may find this method beneficial when compared with hemoglobin A1C tests that measure mean glucose concentration over the preceding 2-3 months.
     On line applications are available for most chemistry analyzers.
Keywords: diabetes