pn01.jpg (11076 bytes)The K-ASSAY® High-Sensitive CRP (3) assay combines high-sensitive C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and regular CRP into one assay, eliminating the need for the laboratory to rerun samples or split samples or use different CRP assays. The assay offers a choice of three calibrator sets to give three possible ultrawide, high-sensitive assay ranges: 0.05 to 160 mg/L (Calibrator Set E), 0.1 to 320 mg/L (Calibrator Set D), or 0.2 to 480 mg/L (Calibrator Set F). Applications are available for most chemistry analyzers.
     Reagents are in ready-to-use liquid form and do not require mixing, dilution, or sample preparation.
Kamiya Biomedical Company