pn20.jpg (11009 bytes)This company now has homocysteine reagents for use on Roche, Hitachi, Beckman-Coulter and Olympus chemistry analyzers. On board a chemistry analyzer, these liquid ready-to-use reagents are stable for 30 days and have 7-day calibration stability. Kits come in 100 and 200 test sizes.
     This newly developed recombinant cycling assay amplifies the homocysteine molecule allowing typical precision of 2% with linearity to 50 mg/dL. This homocysteine method correlates 1:1 with HPLC and fluorescence polarization methods.
     This homogenous homocysteine method requires no sample pretreatment. The assay requires only a 2-point calibration and allows time to first result in less than 15 minutes. A throughput of 200 tests per hour to 500 tests per hour can be attained.
Carolina Liquid Chemistries
Keywords: cardiac markers