Microincubation chamber

The new DH-40i microincubation chamber from Warner Instruments, Hamden, Conn, is designed for imaging live cells at the required temperature and atmospheric conditions. This versatile chamber is useful for a variety of applications, such as high-resolution image analysis, fluorescence microscopy, and time-lapse imaging studies. Designed for the Warner Instruments RC-40 quick change imaging chambers and 35-mm culture dishes, the device can be adapted for use with most 35-mm Petri dishes. It accommodates upright and inverted microscopes, and features an optional heated-top cover slip to eliminate condensation when used as a closed system.

Warner Instruments
(800) 599-4203

CPA Series

Lab balances

Sartorius Mechatronics Corp, Edgewood, NY, introduces the new CPA series of lab balances, which feature automatic internal calibration via an integrated calibration weight at the touch of the CAL key. If ambient temperature fluctuates outside of a user-defined range, or after a preprogrammed time interval, the isoCAL function automatically performs internal calibration and adjustments at regular intervals. A bidirectional RS-232C interface port on all models facilitates communication with a PC and lab robotics. The high-contrast, backlit display provides readability under varied lighting conditions, and the micro- and semimicrobalances operate without backlighting. The series consists of 29 models ranging from microbalances to heavy-duty models with a weighing capacity of up to 34 kg. Connected to the company’s data printer or a computer, the balances generate the mandatory documentation for use in a ISO/GLP-compliant quality-management system.

Sartorius Mechatronics
(800) 635-2906, ext 8272

Microtiter Plate Platform

Support for microtiter plates

Biocare Medical, Concord, Calif, announces the release of the new Microtiter Plate Platform for free floating sections. The Platform holds the microtiter plates away from the source of heat used in HIER, allowing for more even, standardized results. This Platform was developed to support microtiter plates during antigen retrieval within an HIER instrument. Standard microtiter plates holding free floating sections are filled with a retrieval solution and placed on the platform, which is then lowered into a pressure system for heat-induced antigen retrieval. The platform also stabilizes the specimens and enables ease of use. It has been rigorously tested for heat stability and is ISO compliant.

Biocare Medical
(800) 799-9499

WP-10 and WP-16 Warmed Platforms

Microscope platforms

Warner Instruments, Hamdon, Conn, introduces warmed platforms for 35-mm and 50-mm petri dishes, glass slides, and chambered slides. The WP-10 and WP-16 Warmed Platforms are constructed of aluminum to allow temperature control from 25°C to 65°C and are available in 10-mm and 16-mm aperture sizes. The warmed platforms provide mechanical access from below and have good heat conductivity. The platforms are black anodized to protect against corrosion and to minimize stray light reflectance. Control of platform heating is provided by the TC-124A and TC-144 temperature controllers.

Warner Instruments
(800) 599-4203

Carolina BIOLIS 24i

Benchtop chemistry analyzer

The new BIOLIS 24i from Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Brea, Calif, is a 400-test-per-hour benchtop chemistry analyzer with a menu of more than 100 chemistries that serves as a backup analyzer for hospitals, and as a primary analyzer for small hospitals and physician’s office labs where space is tight. It requires just 31 inches of bench space. The instrument has permanent cuvettes and includes a distilled water system. Its menu consists of reagents that are bar coded, liquid, and ready to use. The general chemistries cover metabolic, basic, hepatic, renal, anemia, and lipid-panel tests. Therapeutic drugs and drugs-of-abuse tests are available. Specific proteins, such as commonly run IgG, IgA, IgM, C3, C4, transferin, haptoglobin, ASO, RF, CRP, prealbumin, and APO lipoproteins are performed reliably because of the antigen excess-detection capability. Diabetic screening tests include HbA1c, fructosamine, and microalbumin; and special chemistries include D dimer, Cystatin C, insulin, homocysteine, Lp(a), and hsCRP. Positive-sample ID and elimination of instrument programming are achieved with a bidirectional interface and bar-coded, primary-tube sampling. The 30-day onboard reagent stability and 14-day calibration stability make daily startup a matter of running QC.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries
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