MedTest Dx, Canton, Mich, has announced the availability of its BA-800M clinical chemistry analyzer with a full line of general chemistry reagents. The analyzer is an automated random-access chemistry analyzer designed for mid- to high-volume clinical testing laboratories.

MedTest Dx’s extensive menu of validated assays for the BA-800M includes chemistry, toxicology, and specialty assays. Reagents for use in the BA-800M analyzer are manufactured in the United States in a GMP-regulated and ISO 13485-certified environment.

The MedTest Dx BA-800M has a throughput of 800 tests per hour, and up to 1,200 tests per hour when using ion-specific electrode (ISE) tests. It can perform routine and non-routine analysis simultaneously or independently, and has stat testing capability. The instrument’s sample delivery module has a capacity of 300 samples, and an independent sample carousel contains 140 positions for barcoded collection tubes or sample cups.

Additionally, the analyzer offers many automated and intelligent features, including remote-access instrument diagnostic capability. The BA-800M analyzer is supported by MedTest Dx’s field service team.

In a presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association for Chemical Chemistry, company researchers evaluated the performance of several BA-800M assays compared to assays performed on a reference testing analyzer.1 The company’s presentation demonstrated that the performance characteristics of the assays on the BA-800M analyzer were comparable to those of other validated test systems.


Wayne Brinster, MedTest Dx.

“Our MedTest Dx BA-800M clinical analyzer is an excellent core instrument for laboratories handling mid- to large-sized testing volumes. It is highly automated and has the versatility our customers want, is cost-effective, and is now available with a broad menu of MedTest Dx-validated tests that allows them to create an efficient workflow,” says Wayne Brinster, CEO of MedTest Dx. “The BA-800M analyzer is easily adapted to changes in the test mix and offers the flexibility to respond to new testing needs without having to do testing offline. Reagent use and maintenance are very efficient.”

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  1. Maier K, Brown R, Medaugh B. Evaluation of select assays on the BA-800M chemistry analyzer [abstract B-461]. Poster presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association for Chemical Chemistry, Chicago, July 29–August 2, 2018. Available at: Accessed September 19, 2018.