A compilation of 18 studies published in just the last 18 months, have rated Nova Biomedical’s StatStrip® glucose technology well in accuracy and interference-free results for bedside glucose testing.

The studies were performed by leading hospitals in countries throughout the world, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Canada, and compared StatStrip for precision, interferences, and accuracy versus reference chemistry analyzers used in the central laboratory as well as current technology glucose meters. The studies were conducted in a broad variety of critical care settings including ICU, Dialysis, NICU, OR, ED, and Tertiary Care.

One study from Belgium concludes “The very low biases and the very low rate of significant discrepancy appear sufficient for safe tight glucose monitoring in the adult ICU with StatStrip from Nova Biomedical.” Another hospital study in the UK states, “The new generation StatStrip glucose meter, which has been designed to compensate for haematocrit and chemical interferences, reduces the likelihood of erroneous results arising from interference factors that influence current conventional glucose meters.”

StatStrip Glucose Monitoring System uses a novel glucose test strip technology that can measure blood hematocrit level and other common interferences and eliminate their effect from the glucose result. Glucose monitors that do not correct for these interferences can cause erroneous glucose results, inappropriate insulin dosing, and undetected or iatrogenic hypoglycemia.

Additional information about the studies can be obtained by contacting Nova Biomedical at (800) 458-5813  or [email protected].