The Advanced® Model 3250 Single-Sample Osmometer features onboard statistical analysis, test results storage and retrieval, and HIPAA compliance to protect patient privacy. Osmometry, a measurement of osmolality by the freezing-point method, is an important diagnostic method.

“The Model 3250 is the perfect instrument for labs running multiple samples per day and requiring statistical analysis,” says Ken Micciche, director of marketing, Advanced Instruments. "With its powerful Intel microprocessor and statistical analysis package, the osmometer stores up to 30 test results and can perform mean, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation analyses. This gives laboratory technicians the freedom to perform other responsibilities.”

The Model 3250’s integrated bar code reading minimizes data recording and transcription errors. Multi-language capability provides messages in local languages, and its calibration routine maximizes operator productivity. In addition, data export capability means the instrument can be linked to an external computer, and downloadable upgrades allow lab technicians to keep the software current.

The osmometer’s wide-range capability provides the versatility to test different product types. The instrument also maintains calibration and configuration settings when the software is changed. This allows for seamless operation following upgrades. A small footprint maximizes available bench space and the machine features an onboard, thermal printer and convenient, visible vertical printout.