Advanced Instruments, Norwood, Mass, is displaying its new OsmoPro multisample osmometer for the first time at this week’s annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, in Philadelphia. The 20-position microsample osmometer is designed specifically to address the changing needs of today’s busy laboratories by improving efficiency and reducing sample turnaround time.

Suitable for sample-limited applications, the system uses a small 20 ?l sample size. Samples can be analyzed one at a time, or batch processed, depending on workflow demands. OsmoPro uses the freezing point depression method to deliver results in just 2 minutes.

The system is able to analyze a variety of complex aqueous mixtures, including biological cell therapies, blood, cell culture media, drug formulations, plasma, serum, and urine. Time saving features, such as the ability to run tests unattended, automated processing of up to 20 samples, and an intuitive touchscreen, were designed to enable laboratory professionals to manage their time effectively.

“The OsmoPro was designed with a set of usability, connectivity, and software control features consistent with the demands of today’s overworked, highly regulated laboratories,” says Kelly Peterson, product manager at Advanced Instruments.

The system’s integrated 2D barcode scanner provides positive sample identification to reduce transcription errors. Data management and transfer can be handled via the onboard printer or by exporting the data using the Ethernet connection and multiple USB ports.

During the company’s press conference, Peterson discussed how the semiautomated instrument aims to bridge the gap between single sample systems and fully automated multisample devices. He also noted how the hands-on system is “joyful to have in the lab,” and can serve as a kind of reprieve from the monotony of lab operations.

For more information, visit AACC booth 449 or online at Advanced Instruments.