Stanbio Laboratory has received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin marketing its new benchtop chemistry analyzer, SIRRUS®. The fully automated SIRRUS system is capable of performing up to 400 tests per hour. Stanbio offers a broad menu of ready-to-use, bar-coded, liquid reagents for routine and special chemistries, drugs of abuse, therapeutic drug monitoring, and specific proteins. Additionally, SIRRUS provides the flexibility to configure open-channel applications for esoteric-testing needs.

“Built on our 45 years of clinical chemistry expertise, this new analyzer allows us to offer a cost-effective solution to improve productivity of both the hospital and physicians office laboratory,” says William Pippin, president of Stanbio Laboratory.

SIRRUS incorporates three proprietary features to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. First, its Tornado Mixing System™ utilizes only air pressure to mix the reagent/sample mixture, avoiding contamination issues arising from the use of mechanical stirring devices. Secondly, the exclusive Geyser Washing System™ uses a meticulous 10-step process, including hot water, to clean the semipermanent cuvettes between test samples. In addition, the system uses a dual-reagent probe and a separate sample probe to provide carryover-free results.

“We listened to the needs of our customers and designed SIRRUS to be easy to learn, operate, and maintain,” says Albert Blanco, vice president of marketing. “Because it runs on Windows® XP, operators can easily navigate its intuitive menu screens. Features, such as the capability to use bar-coded primary sample tubes, auto-rerun, auto-dilution, and STAT interruption, all function to maximize the system’s overall efficiency.”

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