VAP Diagnostics Lab, Birmingham, Ala, has relaunched the Vertical Auto Profile+ (VAP+) lipid panel, a heart disease risk assessment and management tool.

The VAP+ lipid panel was taken off the market in early 2016 after investors pulled support for Atherotech Diagnostics Lab, and the company was forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In order to resurrect the VAP+ lipid panel, VAP Diagnostics Lab acquired rights to the VAP+ technology and assumed all of Atherotech’s debt, halting patient billing and collections.

“A dedicated team of people fought very hard to bring back the VAP+ lipid panel, and their efforts have paid off,” says Kenneth French, director of clinical operations for VAP Diagnostics Lab. “We have overcome major challenges and enter the market as a new company that has international corporate backing and global distribution capabilities focused on long-term sustainable growth.”

French says the company has emerged as a stronger organization with a renewed mission to advance heart disease research, improve treatment, and put the patient and doctor first.

“Clinicians who used VAP+ lipid panel in the past and were accustomed to great service and 24-hour turnaround now have access to the same technology and service, but with solid corporate, financial, and organizational support,” explains French.

Unlike the basic cholesterol test, the VAP+ lipid panel directly measures low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Accurate LDL measurement is critical for reducing disease burden and risk. In addition to providing accurate LDL measurements, the VAP+ lipid panel reports three categories of risk: cholesterol-rich; triglyceride-rich; and hereditary, which includes lipoprotein(a).

VAP+ adheres to all major guidelines calling for accurate LDL and additional measures of cholesterol, including LDL particle number (LDL-P). This increase in accuracy and comprehensive information seeks to provide doctors and their patients with a more precise picture of heart disease risk, leading to better treatment and ultimately saving lives. The VAP+ lipid panel is covered by most insurance plans. For more information, visit VAP Diagnostics Lab.