photoThe GEM Premier 3000 Blood Gas and Electrolyte System, based on a multi-use cartridge technology, can be used in labs and critical care sites.
     The analyzer’s expanded data management capabilities include patient trending, QC scheduling and QC lockout. Information is entered via the color touch screen’s keyboard or a barcode wand. Test ordering can be accomplished through individual test requests or through user-defined panel keys. This system can be used as a stand-alone critical care analyzer or networked to the company’s Impact Information Management System.
     The first cartridge to market measures pH, PO2, PCO2, NA+, K+, Ca++, and Hct. Future menu expansion is planned using the same cartridge configuration. The cartridges have an on-board life of 21 days. Two packaging options accommodate different testing volumes.
Instrumentation Laboratory 
keyword: analyzer, blood gas, electrolytes