Indica Labs, Albuquerque, NM, announced integration of the Philips iSyntax image format into the full range of HALO software platforms. This includes HALO AP for case-based image management and quantitative workflows, HALO Link for research image management and collaboration, HALO for image analysis, and HALO AI for AI-based tissue classification.

The integration follows an agreement with Royal Philips, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, granting Indica Labs access to the Philips Pathology SDK software toolset. The SDK allows full access to the data and information stored in iSyntax file format. Customers using the Philips scanner will be able to open iSyntax images directly into Indica Labs’ HALO software platforms and achieve equal performance as compared to the Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution.

“Open image formats allow customers to make informed, best-in-class decisions about their digital pathology ecosystems,” says Steven Hashagen, CEO, Indica Labs. “We were really pleased to reach an agreement with Philips to use their SDK to integrate iSyntax images into our HALO software platforms. Improved interoperability provides a more seamless experience for our mutual customers and gives future customers more choice in terms of image analysis, AI, and image management.”

iSyntax support is included in the current version of HALO AP and will be supported in the HALO, HALO AI, and HALO Link 3.2 releases which will be launched later this year. Existing customers covered by an active support agreement are eligible for a full upgrade including iSyntax support at no additional cost.

For more information, visit Indica Labs